You define you!

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset tonight was striking. Taking your breath away, or at least taking my breath away just by slowly setting then suddenly disappearing over the horizon. There was no planning, the sunset was the sunset, and as always it was unique.

I have been writing for several days based on a list presented by someone I know. the next item on that list was:

You are a woman, you do not NEED a man!

I would like to redefine that statement and simply make it:

You define you, no one else makes you who you are. You only need you to be you.

I know I know, to my daughters it would work, to my son I could say he did not need a woman, but in reality the truth probably lies in in the middle. We do not need others to define who we are, we need to define who we are.

I have seen so many people look to others to define their lives, They do so by never truly understanding who they are in life and along the way, they get lost. I have also seen some truly strong people that define themselves through diversity and would never let another person make them into what was wanted, instead they are the product of their own making and work diligently to make it that way. After all, in a relationship the only thing you can offer is you, so if you don’t know you, how do you know what to offer. Moreover, if you truly “need” someone, what is missing and isn’t it an opportunity to grow? Isn’t part of life defining who you are and making that person that you are someone who is independent all the time?

Lots of questions.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is my opinion that you should consider that “you only need you to be you”. Everyone else is a benefit (or a detriment(oh I hope not)). Consider well the people in your life and find those people that believe in you, life you up, and make your days better each and every day, no matter what.

sleep sweet, sing a song, and laugh at the moments…

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