Be a hero…

The sun sets on another day…

Ever notice how clouds seems to make the sunset even better. A clear sky is beautiful, but sometimes the clouds seem to get in the way, only to brighten the weakest light and make the sunset even more amazing. Clouds add color, and depth, and excitement, but alone, they are just clouds with the sunset, they are limitless.

I have been spending several days going down a list of items a friend noted for their daughter. I was intrigued by the list because it said something special, but I am adapting it to either a daughter or a son, mostly since I have both but partially because it is not just a one sided pony, but a three dimensional world.

Today’s message was: “Hold your heroes to a high standard. Be your own hero.”

I considered this carefully. Hero means a lot to me. Someone a long time ago told me about heroes and it meant more than they thought. I had one hero for a long time, my father, but I always looked at what I wanted to be as a person, so perhaps I could be a hero. It fit with this statement.

We have to hold our heroes to a high standard, because they are a guide, perhaps even a light in our life. We should make that standard as realistic but as lofty as we can not because we want them to be better, but because we want to be better through them. In the process, we truly need to consider all the possibilities for a hero, as a hero, and to be a hero and apply that to ourselves.

Sounds easy huh?

Maybe it is, but more likely it is not. I feel my father was always a hero, but I know he did some things that were not heroic. At the same time, I have been similar. I have always strived to be a hero and take a higher path, but have often been less than perfect, perhaps far less.

Does it matter?

I don’t think so. My opinion is that by challenging ourselves to be the very best we find a way to be better, and by making our days push towards being a hero, perhaps we are the hero to ourselves we need to be. We cannot always be a hero to the world, but we can strive to be a hero to ourselves.

So as the sun sets on another amazing day, there is heroism in the air, and it is for you, and you, and you too. All thousand or so that will read this. The world can be better because you are in it and holding the standards of your heroes high and holding the standard for yourself higher. Be your own hero every day, make those decisions that others would be proud of too, take the higher road when others take the low road, live for a positive way even when negativity abounds and in the process, well, be an example for those who need it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and take some stars with you too…


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