The edge…

The sun sets on another day…

I wrote two posts tonight. The first I set aside thinking it is for another day while I (Uncomfortable pause here), I took the road less traveled and decided the choice made all the difference.

I sit here thinking about the edges of life, and all the things that happen to put us on the edge. We find ways to get by, true, but sometimes what people see is just the edge of what is happening. Imagine a quarter and you are looking at it from the side. It goes round and round and as you watch it not only seems the same, but appears both fluid and congruous. Turn the coin up, and spin it and you see the details, heads, tails an a lot more. What is more telling is you still can see the entire edge as you rotate the coin, it is just no longer of consequence. 

Now look at people and what they show you. What you see. I am sure you see happy families, excited people, sad people, lonely people, but you are only seeing the edge. The person who seems happiest could be spending their nights crying asking why. While another person who seems to be happy could be locked in a prison of their own creation. The person who sits quietly in the corner, they may be happy, lost in the moments and not willing to engage in the contest that seems to lurk all around us. So what do you see? What is that thing in you that you can change and make better, or how can you change your life to make your life the life it should be.

I am amazed always at how many people look to others for solutions. How they look to others to lift them up, or to others to put them down so they can feel up. There are dozens of permutations, but the truth is, find a way to be happy about yourself. No one else really matters. Looking for redemption, give it to yourself. Looking for punishment, set it aside and find something more positive, but in the end, find a way to a happier place.

I would love to say I have all the answers, but every day there is a new question. I try to ask myself daily “how can I be better?” Take a moment, ask yourself the same thing, how can you be better. Maybe you can start by believing in yourself, and believing in your decisions. Somewhere along the way, find a happy place, and put yourself in it. It is there you will find your way, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, the edge is not the sum of it all, it is just the edge. Look inside, learn yourself, and look at others more closely before you assume anything about them or their lives. Life is full of complexities and maybe your problems are not as big as someone else’s. Maybe you have a lot ore to be thankful for than you think. Hold on to that, and make the world a better place because you are in it.

Sleep sweet, remember true, and love to the moon and back and the stars beyond…

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