The mirror…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset fired off rockets of color and light in hundred of directions as it reflected off the pristine clouds. I watched as the colors faded and soon were dark, and in the process saw both light and dark in front of me at once.

I am told I am too positive. I have been told I am too cheery. I have been told I do not focus enough on the bad, and look for the good too much. I have been told a lot of things. I try to learn from every one. Sometimes I get caught in the middle, and so do we all, from trying to do what is right, or prevent what is wrong, or change something we cannot change. So I sat tonight and considered. 

A lot of people look for reasons for everything, and I am becoming more convinced that the only reason for most things, is in the mirror. We, at least, being people in general, are the sum of our experience. Our experience is the sum of our decisions, and our decisions make our lives what they are every day. It is true, some people have positive and negative effects on our life, but we decide how we will interact, and the decisions we make will affect the outcome and make our lives the way they are each day.

I am reminded of the movie “SpellBinder” where the main character makes a sweeping statement at the beginning and set up the entire movie to an end that is not positive, nor easily predictable. In the end, everyone’s decisions made their lives what they were, and there was not other possible explanation. Our control in life is an illusion, but not as big of an illusion as our lack of control. (Yeah, I pondered that for over a year, the points of reference are off the scale). So what do we do? Are we in control, or are we not in control.

I put it to you, yes you, that you are in control of you, and it is you that sets up the positives and negatives in your life. This is not because you awesome master of control, maybe you are, perhaps you are not. It is because you decide what is positive and negative in your life. 

Another movie, “Groundhog day” could be seen as depressing as the main character relives so many things that despair sets in, but it is only when he realizes that holding on is tearing him apart, that he find a pathway to enlightenment. Sure, these are movies, they are not real, they may even mean little, or even nothing, but I have found that the worst days of my life are my doing, and making the best out of the worst is not fooling myself, it is finding a way. 

I am sure I am wrong a lot, but I am not always wrong. I am sure that no matter how bad the day I can find a way to overcome and find some positive in it.

So as the sun sets on another day, today is a ______ day. It is not for me to fill in your blank, it is for you to decide. Good, bad, terrible, fantastic is always up to you. Make good decisions and find a way but be happy with you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hold on to the best you can….


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