Positively positive…

The sun sets on another day…

As the storms roll in the sun is beaten but stands above, lighting a path into the night and beyond.

Funny isn’t it. (I should have kept this picture for a post on “The Web we Weave” or similar)

The storms roll in, and it can be the worst thing in the world, or you can look at it as we needed the rain. The lightning flashes. It is either terrifying, or very pretty. The rain wells up beneath us, things are destroyed, or at least we lived to fight another day. I lost something. I either lost it or opened the door to something new, or perhaps I never had it. So it goes, all in how you look at it.

We are such unique creatures. We see things based on a multitude of perspectives built on our perceptions and life experience but somewhere inside people see things as positive, or negative. Those who are positive find a good thing in nearly everything. Those who are negative blame the world for all the woes they have.

At what price?

the price of being positive is putting yourself out where you may well be hurt. The price of being negative is blaming the world for things you may well be responsible for and in the process, avoiding life itself.


It could be a tough choice, but maybe not. Maybe we need to find a pathway to the high road so we can live life. Maybe we need to realize that the world is a better place when we live in it, not when we avoid it.

I had a choice years ago. It was a tough choice. I could either be miserable every day of my life living in a self imposed prison, or I could move on to take a chance at having nothing or finding everything. I decided the latter. It was not because it was the best decision in the world, it just seemed the more positive one in at least a few ways. Do you face similar? If you do remember it is your choice, no one else’s, on how to proceed. Your choice in how you want to build your life.

So as the sun sets on another day, the glass is always full. Sorry, if not water of juice or whiskey, it still is full of air, and you just have to take a moment and see it that way. Find your path, make it your path. Blame no one, count on no one but yourself and make it your path. In the end, it will be a path that works for you, but remember, the glass is still full. Be happy with whatever happens and live your life to its fullest, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and have fun….


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