High points…

The sun sets on another day…

A storm rolls in over the western sky. The rain slowly falls, yet I am thankful for the fresh air, and the invigorating rain.

There is a high point to almost everything. I don’t want to go all George Carlin and say you can make a joke about just about anything, but you can find something positive even about a lot of negatives. It is not like I can sit here going “Show me a bad thing and I will show you the good in it” like a strange man in a movie, but instead I can ask anyone to take a chance and to to see much more.

Years ago I was talking about some harsh times in my childhood and how poorly it could have turned out. The amazing person with me said simply, “You know, you had to go through that stuff to become who you are” and I thought about it and had to agree. It was not the negatives I faced in my life, but my ability to find the good in them that made me who I am. 

Who cares, right? Well, you should. Because it is the good and bad in your life and maybe, the interpretation of the bad that make you who you are today. Perhaps you are the best you can be because you faced difficult times, perhaps you are the best because your found your way through those with the positives on your side, and not the negatives. Right?

So take a moment, and when you hear an old friend talked bad about you, think about the good times you had with them and all the things you shared; when you think about the times that you were sick, consider how you survived and became stronger; when you think about your “bad childhood” remember that there was good in it too; and when you think about failed relationships, think about the happy times in those relationships. If the world seems dark and dismal, look for a few mushrooms!

It is not hard. The world is not so terrible as you think, in fact the world is neutral in everything and we are just along for the ride, thinking about the day, and enjoying or not enjoying based on how we interpret that day.

So as the sun sets on another day, that person you believed was the most perfect person ever, still is. That vacation that started out bad but ended good, was a good vacation, and that school assignment you didn’t do well on so long ago, well, it helped you find your way. Look for the good, and find it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile brightly, and love to the moon and back and far beyond…

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