The sun sets on another day…

This eve the wind blew, the waves crashed, and the sun was lost in a shroud of clouds with a spray of gray. Wow, that rhymes. What fun, right?

So, I tried a little experiment this year, with all the space I had some that I planted cucumbers in. Now, I did not know how it would go, so I didn’t really advertise it, I just planted them to see what I would need to do to plant them correctly and have some type of garden next year.  The plants grew fast and grew strong. Having virtually unlimited water only a foot down meant that as soon as the roots took hold it was off to the races. The plants sprung to live, and I was impressed with the growth. It was a fun little run until the big storms hit. Then I watched the cucumber plants, completely under water in 12 inches of rain, drown out and die. Icky. So full of life and success, and a simple storm took them out. Well, it was my fault, I knew the place I planted was at the water table and did ti to make sure they grew, but it came with risk that could have and in this case did spell doom.

Sometimes we all plant our seeds expecting the best. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t The level of risk we take can sometimes mean greater bounty, or can be costly in the event of a problem. Yes, this is pretty out there, but sometimes going over the top can mean it is going to be something amazing and super, and sometimes it can mean oops, and there is the drowned part.

I will leave this to your imagination, but in my mind, I have quite a few things going strong where I took chances, and things were great and became greater, and yes, some drowned. Icky.

So as the sun sets on another day, I wish I had all the answers. Sometimes taking a chance is the best thing ever, and sometimes, well, sometimes you should have stayed home. The trick is, you will never know, so I will be out there, trying again, seeing just how much fun I can have, and how great things can grow, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and take a chance…

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