See more…Be More…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was spectacular, but the time rolls in so fast right now that I had to launch the drone to get a picture. Sometimes you just have to adapt to see what you need to see.

People always have questions about life. People always seem to have hundreds of “what if” questions. What if you would have this, or done that, or experienced the other thing. If, and this is a big if, I were to give my young self advice it would probably be “See more, Be more”. 

It sounds silly or simple, but it is very clear yet complex to me. Why? Well let me break it down a little.

See more. Spend time seeing more. This does not mean running around with binoculars, it means really seeing. Paying attention, taking that time to understand that there is more in the world than you. I would have liked to have seen things more clearly, and in the process, understood more because I could see more. I know I know, this seems easy, but there are people all the time that don’t pay attention to themselves or the people around them until it is too late. I am even guilty now. Guilty of sometimes not seeing my effect on a a dynamic until the dynamic plays out. If I had seen, perhaps I would have approached it differently, but perception is the start of understanding, and seeing more, well, it opened doorways.

Be more. Be more than what you think you can be, be more than what you are. Again, this seems like common sense, but it is all too uncommon. Being more is taking that extra moment to do something that should be done. Being more is being in the right place, at the right time not just once, but every time you are needed. Being more, is knowing when to say yes, and when to say no, and living by them. In this I think we all could be more. I have done things I should not have because it seemed right, and not done things I should have, because I thought I should not. The trick is putting the two things together, and making “See more, be more” not just a one time thing, but a moment by moment thing. In my opinion the need is seeing what needs to be, and being the force to be it.


So as the sun sets on another day, we cannot change the past. I tried once and it was hard work and painful, trying to right the past and be that person. In the end, I did not change the past but maybe I affected the future. Maybe by working hard and seeing more, I can be more. So now, as my time wanes I will tell my children with no uncertainty, “See more, be more” each day, no matter what. Perhaps they can make the difference.

Sleep sweet, love life, and watch the stars and reach for them…

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