To eternity…

The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sunset, now alone, considering the world around me, a man ran up the dune and nearly ran into me, he jumped in fear as he saw someone there, but it was only the two of us and then only me, as he ran on to some unknown destination. Once a crowd formed each night, now there is no crowd, only the cool breeze, the strong waves, and of course the sun is still there with me.

It is funny sometimes to consider the time and where it goes. It seems like only a moment ago I came to this city, a few moments before I held my daughters and sons close, and a few moments before that I was here in a before time, enjoying the sunsets as I do today, but as a child. It was then that I looked at the world with the idea of limitless time. After all, time is as limitless as it can be, and we are the keepers of our own time. So I watched the sunset tonight, thinking about a thousand different things and a thousand places and quite a few people and stepped outside myself for a moment. I am asking you to do the same with me.

Tonight and every night, let’s consider all the sunsets we have, and how many of those sunsets will be together. We will have fun, laugh, be excited, and in the end, the sunset will be there. We will cry, smile, jump for joy, slump in sorrow, but still the sunset will be there. Let’s drop the bad of all of those and consider all the good we can tie together in the sunsets, how about we: Have fun, laugh, be excited, smile, jump for joy and be a part of something bigger.

After all, the sunset is amazing, but it is only amazing when we appreciate it. So really, we make the sunset amazing, and we define each day as that day, that amazing day, where we are filled with happy thoughts. If you think about it, we define beauty for eternity, or as long as we know, whichever comes first.

Sounds good at least.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider how beautiful things are, not just the sunset, but everything around you. It is not beautiful for any other reason than you, and smile for a moment knowing you have made the world a beautiful place, if only for a moment, it is worth it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love the moments…


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