The sun sets on another day…

The sun set, crystal clear and with no clouds. Waves washed over the shore like massive hands clearing the beach, and the beach was again empty. It was expected.

I thought today a great deal about what is expected and what is not expected in life. There are so many things that fell in and out of place like birds on a branch as I thought about this. Not because it is difficult, but because the thoughts were familiar, and needed to be reasoned well, and put in place.

The reason this came up is last night I was ordering a salad, and was talking to the person behind the counter and I asked how the night was going. they of course answered that it would be great in two hours when they were home and out of their job. I asked if the job was no fun and their reply was straight and to the point, “No job is fun, I would rather just sleep than work at all.” I told them that jobs can be fun, and they should find some type of job they like, and they said simply that they knew no one that liked work or liked their job.

We find that life is often doing exactly what is expected of us. Many people go to school, then college or a trade, but eventually, whenever, get a job, get married, have a family and consistently do exactly what they are told to do. We get up, work, go home, sleep then wash, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the weekends are good, sometimes not, but they are predictable. Like a never ending stream of ants getting to a bag of donuts, we often know what tomorrow will bring, and the next day, and the next day. Maybe we shouldn’t.

Perhaps we should consider an unexpected life. Perhaps we should take some chances and push out of our comfort zone. Perhaps we should go that extra mile and see a ball of string three miles off the interstate, or change jobs towards a passion and not a mundane moment.

I happen to like my job, but I have done a lot in the world, from business owner to photographer, from technician to consultant, from worker to global director, every job I have had has been a challenge, and a little if not a lot of fun. We need to reach in and discover that fun, and reach in our minds and find that passion that will make us be more than just a series of planned movements, but perhaps an excited person. There are worse things than enjoying every day as if it were new.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, consider your life and the things in it. Consider trying to step out and be more random, be that person that starts anew, and enjoy every moment, then move forward, perhaps to an unexpected life. Perhaps then a bit of fun will follow. Enjoy it, live it and love it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh hard, and write a song because you can…



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