The sun sets on another day…

As I watched the sunset on the beach, alone except for an occasional gull, the skies lit up where they had been dark. Behind me I heard a commotion and saw two people fighting onĀ  platform above me, I turned, watched the sunset some more, then turned back and they still had not looked up from their battle. Looking back to the sunset the sun was furiously trying to explode the skies with plumes of amazing colors, and when I looked back, the fight had stopped finally, and the two watched as the sun fell to the horizon. Finally they walked away, hand in hand, free of whatever was between them.


It is a word that means something different in different connotations. People talk about free like it is amazing, and some seek the things in life that are free. There is another side though, and that is being free. Freedom is defined to me as “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved” and that definition sets a certain set of rules for our life. It gives us an opportunity to understand that there are a lot of things that imprison or enslave us. True, you may be scratching your head now, but how many times have you felt trapped in a series of mundane events that seem to have no end. How many times have you considered taking a moment and just relaxing to be free? There is a reason “Calgon” wants to take you away, because the world is pulling you a dozen different ways, or maybe a lot more.


Perhaps it is a state we should not just strive for but take from time to time. Perhaps we not only need to be free, but have to be free to truly see the world another way.


I have to say I have been dumbfounded many times as I looked to people in self imposed prisons of their own creation. The people who look for the bad in things, look for the negative, feel terrible all the time, and don’t see the silver linings in their lives. There are so many reasons we have each day to be thankful, and even those times in our life that we have been hurt can be overcome when we realize there were good times as well. Perhaps we just need to open our eyes, and let go, release the pain, release the binders we have imposed on ourselves, and find a way to be free.

So, as the sun sets on this amazing day with an amazing sunset, take a moment, laugh, smile, cry a little, but release yourself from the prison that holds you, take a deep breath and even if it is for only a moment, be free. Be that person that makes life a journey for love, life, happiness, fun, excitement and more, and find a bit of freedom, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be free…

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