Letting go…

The sun sets on another day…

It is before sunset, but I am sure the picture will be good, and the sunset even better.

I was thinking a lot today about my pup, Luna. She has been having a difficult time with one eye because she runs into the brush full speed, damn the torpedoes, but more importantly, damn the thorns. As I thought about her I thought of the past and the pets I have had to let go. I thought about Magic, and how it killed me when she died, and that too, Then I began thinking about the people I have had to let go, then I finally set it all aside and laughed at myself for going down that rabbit hole.

The truth is, we can let go or not let go, but we never really get to fully let go. We keep a part of everything we have experienced with us. Sure, it may get easier, but we have memories we can hold onto all the time. Now the questions should be which ones should we hold onto? The rough ones that really hit our world, or the ones that are really important, those memories that were amazing, fun and exciting. I know it is hard to see the good through the bad sometimes, but we have to look for it so we can keep moving forward. Bad things are always easy to remember, but good things are as well, if we just do it. I remember Magic always made me laugh and smile, and I hold on to that each day.

It is one reason  I love my puppies so much. They have all been so good there just is no remembering the bad. Sure, it has been rough sometimes, but each time I held on to the good things, and let the bad slide past me. When it was time to let go, I remember all the good.

with people I try to do the same. People come in and out of our lives far too often. Sometimes you just have to let them go, but wait, same rules apply. you remember things always. I challenge, implore, ask, I will even beg for you to remember the good, and set aside the bad. My father and I had our issues, but we had lots of good times as well. Other people I have known have some issues, but each had a highlight in my life, and I will hold on to those memories of happiness, excitement, and laughter instead of those that were not so great.

So as the sun set s on another day, take a moment. Think about those people from your past, those places, those things, those pets, all of it. Instead of holding on to something bad, think of the good. Think of the happy, and find a way to a little slice of peace, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and if you drive on the high road, you will get everywhere faster…


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