The sun sets on another day…

It is funny how easily I can get distracted with a thought. I can find a thought so intriguing that I think it to a serious end, even though it is a surface thought. When I played chess I always assumed I was playing opposite my equal until a coach told me to stop playing myself, and play the game in front of me. It struck me first as funny, then as prophetic as I realized that I was losing the edge of the game by over playing it.

Today as I was talking to people I realized again, the world has so many people overplaying and I wish my old chess coach could tell them all how to fix it. Well, he isn’t here, sorry, so I am going to try. You only get one chance to face the things you are facing today, how you deal with them makes your day better or worse and shows people around you who you are inside. I suggest you:

  • Look at the day realistically, not with what you want out of it, but as it is given to you. Expect the unexpected, but don’t dwell on it, revel in it.
  • Let things go you cannot change, yes this is familiar because it works. Worrying about those things you cannot change will be more difficult.
  • Press the envelope on being happy. I am not talking about fake smiles, but truly enjoy the world. If today was all there was, how would you squeeze every ounce out if it. Wash rinse repeat.
  • Hold on to your passions, grab on to your dreams, push them forward every day.
  • Don’t let the world control you, wait for your chance to make your moves, then make them.

Now, my chess coach would have said it differently, he would have said, “Slow down, enjoy the game, let the board come to you as you control the board.” Me, I went for a little more.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a minute and enjoy the moments around you. Enjoy your day and stop making ti a bad day, make it everything you can make it and ore, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it…


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