A stroke of luck…

The sun sets on another day…

At the last moment I thought the clouds would part but they said “nawwwww” and in the process I was left with a ceiling of pink clouds and cold mist on a chilly day.Today 

I read a statement made by the Dalai Lama. It says simply that sometimes not getting what you want it a stroke of luck. I considered that thought for a while today and considered all the times I have been lucky by not getting what I wanted, and some of the times I still felt a loss.

In my opinion luck is a fickle thing. We know that Nathan Detroit feels luck is a lady (Guys and Dolls) and that many movies find luck as a passionate beast, or a moment of pain. We often try to personify luck, understand luck, think about how blind luck is, wish for luck, beg for luck and a lot more. Luck is, however, something we can only try to explain, and never really get there. After all, if we knew luck was there someone would certainly be selling it.

You know what though? There is a lot of good in just about everything that happens. Take a second, consider all the good things in your life, and maybe “luck” plays out the way we need it. Maybe, just maybe, we make our own luck, and sometimes that makes us better people. It is worth a moment to consider. I think we are all lucky, lucky for every breath we can take. We are lucky right now for whatever we have right now.

So as the sun sets on another day, who am I to ever argue with a one “l” Lama. I hope you get what you want when you need it, and don’t get what you want when it is better for you. Luck or no luck, everyone deserves the best. Oh oh, and by the way, I have a joke a friend used to tell me. So, almost everyone knows that a one “l” lama is a Tibetan priest. Some people know that a two “l” llama is an animal, but I tell you that a three “l” lama is one heluva big fire! (Yes I know, silly but fun)

 Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…



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