The sun sets on another day…

Tomorrow there may be snow, but for today we enjoy the day as birds fly and clouds close in on the area. The wind and upcoming weather will make the lake tumultuous. 

I remember as a kid going to Lake Ann in Michigan and going to the whirlpool. It really was a great amount of fun as it was a portion of the river fed by multiple previous conduits being forced through one conduit. The end result was a mass of water being pushed out into the lower river that swirled and flowed with a mass of water being pressed into whirlpools all over. Riding it was amazing in an inner-tube or a small toy boat, but going through with just a suit on usually meant a swirl and a splash and maybe a scrape or two. Looking at it, there may have been some apprehension from people because it did look intimidating, but getting caught in a whirlpool was fun, and exciting, and in the end made you feel like you had conquered the world.

Sometimes we all get so caught up in how intimidating something looks we don’t realize the fun we are missing. There it is in front of us, the whirlpool, and do we step in or not? Do we take the chance of being scraped? Do we ride with someone else, or just take a moment and go for it all.  Do we watch the whirlpool or become a part of it? Do we jump into life and make life our journey or sit on the sidelines and watch. Why don’t we just jump in. Spin around, and maybe feel like we conquered the world!

There is so much to do every day, so much that we can do if we only take a moment, and there are so many whirlpools out there that are waiting for us to conquer them.

So as the sun sets on another day, here we are, watching the sun go down one more time. Did we do those things that were there for us? I hope so. I hope you take every day and ride the whirlpool all you can, and in the process, make the world a fun place not just for you, but for everyone around you.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it each day…



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