Fire the LASER…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset. For a moment we are all focused on just one thing as we watch the sun fall from the sky, well it seems like ti is falling, err, well it looks like it is but it is really not, what was I saying again?

Welcome to our new world. A place where we can become so scattered that the world seems to be full of squirrels that are throwing little sparklers at us in the dark. We see them pop up and disappear and try to look at them all, but don’t see any of them. 

Do you ever feel like that in the world right now? Like a cat chasing a Laser, going round and round, and maybe round, and maybe one more round and never being able to grab that elusive laser in front of you?

If you read about distracted living in Psychology today you could get the idea that the age of technology is just making us nuts, literally. We are surrounded by a great many items that we look at, but really don’t need, and are constantly reaching for the stuff we can’t reach. According to the article (Yes I am butchering it a little) there are several things we should do to make it better, but the one that called to me was “Notice and Appreciate every day”. I think they read my mind. After all, each day is a gift, it is why it is called the present. (Har har) Let’s look at the present and maybe take a few minutes to watch a sunset, enjoy a moment, and find the passion in our lives.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, stop running around looking at silly things. The Laser of life is spinning you round and round and it is time to tell it to stop. Take a moment, notice the day, appreciate the day, and make the day your own. As you do, find the best things in your life and make them real, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and fire the Laser…



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