Sudden Clarity…

The sun sets on another day…

At sunset I had just gotten my hair cut. I was waiting patiently to meet for dinner and thinking as always. Somewhere in it all I was thinking those perfect questions, who, what, where, why, how, when, why? I do this a great deal and today it clicked harder than usual, so I wrote a few notes, and went forward to eat.

Clarity is one of those things that many seem to have lost, and many that claim to have it don’t see. Clarity of mind is considered to be an art, or a gift, or a state of being, or a mantra, or a, well, or a whole lot of things. So why isn’t clarity so clear? We have so may motivators, PHDs, double PHDs, speakers, preachers, politicians and more that sell clarity of mind, but no one seems to define it consistently. The dictionary doesn’t help, it throws us :”the quality or state of being clear”. That is about as clear as the definition itself. So where to from here?

I have opinions.

Imagine the world is a snowstorm, and that storm opens before us in all directions. From time to time the snowstorm opens and we see places we want to be, a city, a home, and more. As we try to get those things we can wipe out that snow, and in the process we can see where it is we want to be. To me, my opinion, clarity is seeing where you want to be and finding a way to get there. Of course I hear all the time about clarity of heart, clarity of mind, clarity of this and that, but we sometimes have so many things slapping us in the face that maybe we don’t see where we want to go. Perhaps the storm is bigger for us, unclear expectations, unclear goals, unclear, well, anything. Seems by definition that is the opposite of clarity.

So where do we want to be, and how should we get there? Clarity seems to be part of the equation and perhaps a really big part. What do you do to get clarity? How do you see you way through the snowstorm? How do you stop juggling all those pins and focus on the ones that will make you happy?

I find myself battling this from time to time. The snowstorm being so powerful that I cannot see, or the decisions on where to go being so nebulous that I just can’t keep my eye on it. I suppose I have fought with this each and every day of my life. Trying to become clear enough to drive to the place I need to be. I have confidence, ability, power, and a host of other things that can drive me, but the clarity becomes a stop gate. (I hope that wasn’t too arrogant or pompous). It is when I focus and see that goal and push the snowstorm aside that I can accomplish anything. A fine line, as sometimes that push can be seen as less than positive, it sometimes runs through others. I wish I had all the answers as some profess to, but I don’t so let me just say it in my sum up.

So, as the sun sets on another day, maybe clarity is achieved by seeing your goal, and keeping your focus n it so much that the world seems to dim. Maybe clarity means seeing others in a way they don’t see themselves, and seeing yourself without clouding yourself with delusions of defensiveness. Maybe clarity sees a little further and realizes a bigger picture while focusing on a smaller one. Sure, clarity can be a little brutal, no one wants to hear something negative about themselves, their situation, or anything around them, but maybe, just maybe, clarity can go a little further than that. Maybe in the process of finding clarity we can find out who we are and not who people think we are. (Are we clear? had to throw that in, was getting to serious).  Find your clear picture, make clarity a daily mission, and find a way to happiness trough your clarity, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love life a little more…


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