The sun sets on another day…

It is a good day. We sure need some good days! There is something special about days as spring approaches, and something special about any day if you look at it right.

I think of life as a series of levels. I know, that sounds like a video game, but perhaps that is not a bad analogy. As you progress in life, you need to determine goals, but as you grow, those goals need to grow as well. We often forget how we have grown along the way. Imagine a concept as simple as crossing the road. When we are young we look because our parents told us to, but as we age we begin to understand why we look, and do it several times, and as we get older we look different ways, having learned how to approach it differently.

Complex items like love get a little out of control. Why? Because we often forget that we have grown, and so many people don’t grow together. On the positive, so many people do, and they learn to be more. The others, grow apart and see the world a different way. It is a new level each time we experience, and we look for more, not less, every level we achieve.

So where are you? Do you know how you see the world in comparison with others? Do you care? Find that place that makes life better, understand what level you are at, and listen to people to see where they are as well. It really can open your eyes.

So as the sun sets on another day, I don’t necessarily know what level I am at, but my view of the world changes daily. It is influenced by those of you who write, friends, enemies, family, not family, and a host of other people in the world who I try to understand. How do you measure you? Find a way, and keep on growing no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and yeah, its good!!



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