Daily choice…

The sun sets on another day…

The clouds are here again, and the sunset was hidden, but i knew it was there and as sunset time passed, I smiled.

I was thinking today about every day being a challenge. If we have 29000 sunsets or more, why should it be a challenge? Mainly because it is. There are things every day and night that try to take us down a notch. There are things every day and night that are not as pleasant as they should be. People, places, situations, and more. Every day we could be in a miserable situation, right?

So why are some people down all the time, and some people not? In my opinion it is a choice. Every day we choose to be that person who find the good in life and overcomes. That person who sees the good and sets aside the bad for a moment, or we decide to embrace the bad, complain, look at the negatives in life, and wallow in self misery. Yes, there is a lot of in between as well. 

We choose. Are we miserable, or do we overcome. We choose, do we pick a positive or negative tomorrow. We choose, is it the worlds fault, someone else’s fault, out fault, the dogs fault, the cats fault, the goldfishes fault, or is it simply not a fault, but instead a perception.

I would like to think we can take the high road and in the process see a path we should take, but make the best of the path along the way. Sound good?

So as the sun sets on another day, maybe we need to step back for a minute. Maybe we need to look t our daily choice to be that person that is positive, or negative, and choose the positive as much as we can. After all, positive days are more fun, and fight heartburn. Make the choice, look at today as the best day  it can be, until of course tomorrow becomes today.

Sleep sweet, smile brightly, and find the good in all you can, no matter what…


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