The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was good, then gone, then good, then gone as wind and clouds rocked the area, but the days have been so beautiful it really was not big deal, the days have been beautiful indeed.

I sit tonight looking over the last few days, amazed. I can smile, laugh, and even tear up a bit, not for bad, but for all the wonderful people in the world, and all the people I have met in the last few days, seen again in the last few days, or just enjoyed over the last few days.

Have you ever considered for just a moment the profound effect we have on each other? Just a few words can open our minds, our hearts, and much more. A few words and the world seems like a good, or better, or best place?

I thought a lot about effects this weekend. I will continue to do for some time just because of the last few days.

As I interacted with hundreds upon hundreds of people each had their own story. From the man who laughed about all he had seen, to the young wanting so badly to see more, each had a story to tell and each was a fantastic journey. I listened, I talked, I listened some more.

I was fascinated at how people see the world, and as I listened my view of the world shifted slightly, or perhaps a little more. I can only say I appreciate everyone I met, each person I spoke to, and each moment I spent with a lot of wonderful people. There could be few better days.

Do you see it? Do you see how you fit in the world? How you fit with others? Can you see how a few moments listening can be s good, or a few moments sharing can be even more?

In the end, the world is a better place when you share, or listen, or just interact. Don’t believe me? just ask the people you interact with. You can make their day, or take it away. Choose to make their day!

So as the sun sets on another day, I could not easily list all of the people who were awesome today but I can say that today was good. Grab on to the moments, laugh at the ups and downs and find the way for people to mean more. You can do it.

Sleep sweet, love, and be amazed…


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