The piper and the price…

The sun sets on another day…

I sit today in awe of people. I am in awe of their depth, and breadth, and in awe of how they can be so resilient even in the face of a price to high to pay. A moment can be just a moment, or a moment can be forever the price is missing that moment, well, i guess it is yours to decide.

As I sat watching people today I saw how strong they can be in the face of something difficult. I saw how adversity can breed something better, and for a moment I was at peace. Not the peace I usually get from a cool breeze, but the peace you can only get by seeing people interact, and come to terms with something difficult.

I guess it is easy for a lot of people to set aside the idea of dealing with intensity, but for some intensity is a defining trait of a person. People face the frustrations life has to offer in so many ways, but together seems to be the most effective way. As I sit here tonight, editing a new book, adding chapters, I still think about my experience today, and how people can define a price. Paying the piper is not a big deal if the price is not so high. 

Yes yes, this is a weird post, but if it makes sense to you, well, smile and go on. If it doesn’t, tomorrow is another day!

So as the sun sets on make your moments count. Make your days, your weeks count,a nd in the end, enjoy your time as much as you can because tomorrow is just a flash of light in the distance until it is today. Make today the best day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find peace…


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