The edge of tomorrow…

The sun sets on another day…

The clock ticks constantly moving forward one second at a time. The insensate march is ignored by most as one more second passes. As it does, here we sit, once again lost in the wait, but the wait for what?  Perhaps most wait for the tomorrow that may never arrive, the tomorrow that is just a dream.

I took a picture and wrote about my little desk lamp here. I wrote about similar series of thoughts  here and here.

I was thinking today, well for a little while. (A dangerous pastime, I know) I was thinking about the clock we all have ticking and how sometimes it is too easy to watch it tick. Then I started thinking about my clock. I smiled. I have squeezed so much out of life. Some of it good, some bad, some suspect, some OK, and some that for lack of a better word is phantastich. I thought today about someone I talked to a long time ago that asked was there anything I had not done, and I said I had so much left to do, but have done a few things. As I thought about it today, maybe I have done more than a few things.

I write here daily, and have for almost 4 years. I was asked yesterday “How do you find things to write about” and my simple reply was “because of you.” Every day there is someone new, someone that I speak to for a moment, someone old, someone not so old, somethings  that happens, and a little more. Every day I see the world in a slightly different manner not because of me, but because of one of you. I have laughed, and cried and done so much with so many, and as I have, it has opened my perceptions to so much more. You have done, and I have done, and that has made up today.

Sure. I could ignore it all like a lot of people do. I could smile and nod and go on like I have seen done. I could pay attention to just me, and in the process miss the world going by, or I could keep going, and keep making today a day to remember so that when it is about to be tomorrow, and I approach 11:59 and 59 seconds, that I am happy with today.

The question should be are you? Did you touch someone today? Did you make them laugh? Did you listen, truly listen, or did you listen to reply. Did you hear the wind and feel it on your face? Did you relish in the moment even as you tried to ketchup? (Sorry, my pun for the moment). Did you see more today? A lot of questions with one at the top. Are you happy with your today?

I am not sure I did well, but as this day wanes and we end on a whimper and a bang, I know I tried and in the process maybe I made a good day after all. I hope you did as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good day, a bad day, the happiness washed across me, and the sadness was there was well. I felt it all, and enjoyed it all, I hope you did too and that tomorrow comes for us all. As we pass over the edge of tomorrow we can roar for today that we truly lived, and as tomorrow begins it will know we are coming for it too, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love all you can and a little more, and never give up on today…


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