The path no more…

The sun sets on another day…

Where the clouds were, they are no more. The moon rises after a sunset built on clouds. The sky is crisp and full of stars, and the cool air is chilling but embraces with an invigoration that can only be described as “wow”.

I sit here now thinking about the riddle that rolls in my mind more than most. The intense longing of the moment is translated to an intensity for life, for love, and more. I would love to say it is for truth, justice, and the american way, and sometimes it is, but it is also for the joy of living, and the elimination of those two horrible words, “what if”. 

I talk often about the decisions on the top of a hill, a few words spoken, a path taken, and a path taken away. It is there we have to decide how to proceed. When we look out over our path, and it is, well, underwater, how can you take that path anymore? (By the way, anyone who considers Lake Michigan as just another lake, take a look at this picture and the waves that are convincing the road not to be there, now back to your regularly scheduled program)

It is a good question, a valid question, and a question that will nag you to the core if you let it, but the answer is simple, sometimes you have to change the rules. If the path is valid, maybe it is time to get a boat, if not, maybe it is time to keep on driving, but in the end, the world will look at your decision as you do, as a decision, and you need to make it and move on. Plan for the world to be here, but live like today is the last day.

Hmm, sounds easy, well, maybe it is. Maybe, just maybe there are things in life you will be happy about, and things that you will not, but in the end only you will know when your path is a path no more. Make good choices, and live your life.

So as the sun sets on another day sometimes the bends of the road can be seen, and sometimes they are beyond our sight. Let’s enjoy them all we can and in the process find a path that we can take, find a path that means something, find a path that is almost safe, and make it a good path, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and take the path…


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