The sun sets on another day…

The clouds rolled in like massive battleships ready to annihilate all in their path. They were laden with water picked up from lakes and oceans both close and far away. As I watch these clouds roll in I am at once happy in the moment.

Seeing something roll in off of the horizon is always fun. The horizon is just beyond our sight but we know that in a moment everything can be right there in front of us. The horizon hides it just long enough for us to discover something new and get a little surprise.

It is natural to wonder what tomorrow will bring to us all. People write songs about it and obsess about a future that may or may not be. I like to think the song says it best that “whatever tomorrow brings I will be there with open arms”. Facing tomorrow is not difficult nor is it something that is unfathomable instead we have no choice but to embrace our tomorrow. Why mess it up? Why not pay attention to today and enjoy all the moments that we can? Why not make today a day that beckons for tomorrow but does not rely on it?

I know a lot of people who set aside the great times they are having right this moment in favor of trying to cement a favorable tomorrow. I can tell you in all honesty there is no way to ever cement a favorable tomorrow. You can prepare for tomorrow, you can make tomorrow a series of goals, you can even say you are ready for tomorrow, but when tomorrow hits it will not be by any rules nor is any prediction guaranteed to be accurate. That’s why every moment of every day should be considered a tremendous gift and why we should take it just like that. We do not need our tomorrow to be perfect when right now is enough.

I am reminded of the movie “The Seven faces of Dr. Lao”. The villagers had enough. The villagers had more than enough but they were convinced by an outside source that all they had was not enough and they needed more. In the end, that destroyed them in a small dream. In the end it was a lesson for them in the real world. How much more do you need than a happy moment? How much more can the world give you than one good moment? Think about it, I know I do.

So as the sun sets on another day. have some fun. Live your life, hold on to something special and if you are tempted to mess it up, well, stop it. Stop being your own worst enemy and start living your life right now, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and cruise on…

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