Plain and simple…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was obscured but still there was the pink color in the sky, so I was happy. Some sunset was there, and it was just over the horizon.

I was thinking a lot today about choices. I have written about choices a lot, you can pull tons of posts that will just make sense, Why? Well, it is plain and simple.

A long time ago, in this galaxy I dated a girl who was very good for me, but maybe not. As our relationship went through a variety of phases I became more and more frantic, not wanting to lose the relationship. She asked me to be more nonchalant, and I found I was not doing so. Instead I had decided to push even harder and as I did, my pushes pushed her away. The relationship ended and I had a bitter taste and I am sure she did as well. There were times I blamed her, but as I grew I realized she and her decisions were not the issue. I was the issue.

Sure, she made decisions that pushed me away, but I was part of those decisions and could have chosen a path that worked. As the decisions played out I became angry, hurt, and upset. I blamed her, but she was not to blame, I was again. I have learned very solidly, it is our choice to be controlled by others. It is our choice to allow them to control our feelings. It is our choice to allow anything to affect our lives.

Now this could be an entire book, and I am sure I will get at least a few emails saying so, but we (all of us) have the power to control ourselves if we want to do so. Anger, frustration, hurt, and all of that is a power we give others, but it is ours to give and take.

Sure, having someone step away from you hurts. Having people lie about you that you thought were friends, hurts. Having someone you trust betray that trust hurts, but you can step aside and make that hurt less painful if you realize you have the choice to hurt, or not hurt. Plain and simple. It took me a few years to learn this, but once I did I found there were some things I would accept, and some I would not, plain and simple.

So as the sun sets on another day, take your power. Control your life and who you are. In the process, you will find peace. It is hard work, but someone has to do it! Be in control of you and then you can truly face the world daily, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be powerful, and be happy all you can…

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