The light side…

The sun sets on another day…

It did ya know. The sun set again. It was there and then it went down, and in the process it made some pretty lights in the sky. Them thar lights were pretty cool ya know!

From time to time we have to laugh, and from time to time we get to laugh with all the interesting things going on right now. So a few things that I thought were funny, well, at least amusing.

  • I went into Meijer and people were fighting over paper towels, no that was not funny. The lady in the middle of it wearing a bra as a face mask struck me as a bit funny though. The second cup was hanging to the side of her head.
  • I picked up takeout at Red Robin. They had wipes everywhere and pens in a dirty and clean bin. I asked if they cleaned my credit card be forte they swiped it and the cashier panicked and said, “Oh no, I was supposed to” after she cleaned it I no longer had a signature on my card, but ti was clean.
  • I drove by tons of cars, and passed a lot of people with masks, alone in the car. It wasn’t funny as I know people are scared, but once you are in the car it pretty much is no longer necessary. (Unless you like the feel of the mask)

So what is your observation right now? What’s going on? What is happening? I am just curious what you have seen. I know these times are tenuous, and quite scary for most, but let’s look for a lighter side.

So as the sun sets on another day, stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the sunsets. Let’s laugh a little and remember, this too shall pass. Make today your best day any way you can, and enjoy it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile…


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