The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was there, I know it was, but I could not see it again. I smiled wondering how vibrant the colors were high above, and just kept writing.

Ever think about being half way there? It is funny when you consider it. Each day is a series of moments and you are always half way to something, and all the way to something else.

There is a sword hanging above many of us. It holds the balance between now and not now. Between here and there, and between what is, what will be, and what will not be. Sounds grim doesn’t it. It’s not. We are always half way to somewhere and the swords hangs there waiting for us all. I find myself setting this aside often. I find myself finding a positive in each day and not considering where I am half way to, and instead considering where I am, and how I keep going. Easy huh? All we have to do is keep going. I am reminded of an old Christmas movie, we just need to put one foot in front of the other, and soon we will be walking cross the floor. We didn’t need to know if we were half way or one step away, we just need our destination.

Pick yours. Pick well. You are half way already, and maybe a little bit more. Let’s find a way to get all the way there for all time, then set a new destination, and keep walking cross the floor.

So as the sun sets on another day, I have so much I want to do, and I just keep doing it every day. There is no doubt I will get where I want to go, sword or no sword, simply because each day I true my course and find a way. Do the same, find your path, and make your life a journey to more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live on…

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