2020 vision…

The sun sets on another day…

I will give you a spoiler, this may not be the most upbeat post I have done, but it will be uplifting, stay with me as the clouds pass across the sky, and we feel the sunset together.

It is the end of a year. It is a year that will not be forgotten. There will be history written, but it will be different from different perspectives. Along the way it may warp but the feelings will not.

I have lost 2 important people this year to the ultimate loss. One I could not say goodbye to, nor was I at their service, only a few attended, and the days passed on. The second was my niece. She was an amazing young woman and leaves behind a legacy of bittersweet moments and amazing accomplishments. Her loss will be mourned for years to come, the possibilities she could have lead us to are significant, and those who knew of her can only wonder how different the world will be now.

I have watched the last year as friends became enemies, and words have been weaponizes, and science bastardized. There was no explaining to anyone, just listening and waiting for another shoe to drop. It has been eye opening how malleable minds can be, and how closed minded more people are than are not. I hope that each of you can open your hearts and your minds to more than what you believe and at least consider that those you oppose have an opinion that should not be just swept away.

I have watched the last year be filled with conflict, and hate, and ugliness. If only everyone would find common ground, and perhaps even watch a sunset together.

My heart was heavy at times, but uplifted at others, and in that it was as always. We move on, we learn, we live, we love and we become more.

So as the sun sets on another day, my vision for 2020 was easy, just keep moving, swimming, writing, laughing, and find a way to be positive. Each day was full of challenges, in the end it will be OK, it always is OK if we let it be. As the year comes to an end, open your mind, your heart, your very soul and find the positives, the common ground we all have, lets remember there is no tomorrow until it becomes today, and even then tomorrow is never here. Find your path, make the world yours, and lets look for a positive vision we can all have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and tomorrow is a new year….

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