Sunday Reviews : Summon the Tiger

Sundays are for book reviews:

Summon the Tiger: by Wendy Sura Thomson

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I have to start by noting a few provisos. I have read a lot of biographies and autobiographies, and I know Wendy. Both play a part in this review, and I will not add spoilers or plot pieces except where necessary. As a fellow Tiger I can say with certainty that Wendy is a powerful force, and her tenacity in and for life is truly inspiring outside of this book.

The book reiterates the same.

In Summon the Tiger Wendy shows that anything can be overcome if you try. From the physical and beyond Wendy demonstrates that excuses are not necessary, but instead a clear course of action makes a difference. From her early memories that are clouds of dust to her to more modern memories, challenges, tribulations, and elations.

I walked away from reading this book feeling sad and angry. Angry at how people treat each other and sad that so much more could have been accomplished if only people opened their minds and eyes. (In either order). I was also not fully aware of the issues the handicapped had at TSA’s hands. I was sad for a simple reason I find myself considering in life often: What would her life have been if someone supported her 110%, and loved her without pause. This question echoes in my mind often as so many people in the world end up in complex relationships where one person wins, and the other has to be superior to survive.

There was a lot to digest, and I found myself occasionally referring back to the early parts of the book to look up something I was sure was done or said, and in the process was engrossed in a series of events that could only normally be seen on reality TV. After all, this was a book about reality. In the end as I reached and read the last pages the book could be summed up by some wonderful lessons, and those were enlightening.

Take your time, read, and enjoy. This book is a great pastime and a fun read with little tidbits everywhere to keep you interested. Thank you Wendy for sharing part of yourself.