The sun sets on another day…

I find I have to restate the purpose of 29000 sunsets sometimes.

About 6 years ago I restarted this site. The idea was the same, but the approach is now different. I originally built the site with the idea that if there were only 29000 sunsets (79.4 years or the average lifespan in the USA) in a persons life that it would be a shame to miss any. I had a major love for the sunset, and a major love for photography. It all just fit, and I displayed many pretty pictures and a few pages of text focusing on how I like to live my life.

Over time I have grown the idea and concept. I now write each day and over time developed a more direct approach: If you knew you only had 29000 sunsets and today was day 28,999, what would you do different? Why aren’t you doing it today?

This added the idea that people have a choice. It is a choice to make your day good or bad and not just get lost in the last day, but actually consider life as a place you can get lost in.

This added yet another concept that focused on today: We are the masters of our destiny. Do not whine about the past, it is gone. Do not pine over the future, it is not here yet. Instead define yourself daily and in the process bring all three together to become a better person.

This became a stronger focus as I learned that today is a necessity and was tired of a life where there would always be a tomorrow. It is true there would be but I have watched so many people die before the retire, or lose the will that drives them before they see their goals.

In the process of it all I have published nine books, and found many things to inspire me. For 29000 sunsets I wrote every day with the exception of a short time I had to stop while I reworked the site. Now I have added book reviews on Sundays and may add movie review Mondays. The idea is to see the the world is meant to be alive, and as members of the world we have to live every day in the best way we can.

This is how I see the world, as an opportunity to enjoy life, and not be caught in the same grind.

So as the sun sets on another day, thank you for reading. Before the reset this site had over 2 million views. Now as they slowly climb again I invite you to share my thoughts and perhaps find a little laughter, a little inspiration, and maybe a little more. Thanks for being who you are, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the ride…