Up up and away…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset. A mass of wave/particle light diffused through cloud and dirt and other nonsense to become an amazing lightshow and in the process, unifying others with a common awe inspiring sight.

I watched the sky for a while today and as always was fascinated by the things I saw. I am always fascinated by birds and all the creatures who can fly, and by our meager attempts to do the same. I watched above as a plane flew overhead, and thought of the magnificence of it all.

We live in a world filled with wonder and enhanced by the limits of our imagination. If you could see the world through my eyes you would see a world where every day, no matter how it starts, is filled with possibilities and amazement.

It took a lot to get me here. It may come as a surprise that the biggest reason I find a way to be positive is because of the negative. It came from times growing up that were horrible. It came from seeing death close up. It came from being without a home in the cold and finding a path. It came from finding love and losing it over and over, even when it could have been there no matter what. It came from pain every day, and disappointment in others. It came from believing in some people that I should not have, and not believing in others I should have. Somewhere in the middle of it all I found that every day was more than a gift, it was a part of a spectacular adventure. My only limitation was me

A great many people can find a path to happiness through happiness. When they do they know what they love and push to hold onto it. I found my path to happiness through realizing that there can be low times, and that I could overcome them not because of the negatives, but in spite of them. Everyone can find the way that works for them if they only look.

When you realize that negatives are there and take that step to move past them, very little can bring you down. Then it is just a matter of lifting others up if you can.

Does this sound familiar? Do you overcome your negatives or do you set them aside and focus only on the positives? Do you find a way, or hold on to less than you could have daily? Can you see more? Do you want more? Maybe it is time to take more.

So as the sun sets on another day, maybe there are things to overcome daily. It depends on you, but if you realize that nothing can bring you down but you, you can rise above and find a way to overcome anything you want to overcome. Find that key, find your own way, but find a way that works for you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and up up and away…