Sunday Reviews: Hope for the Flowers

Sundays Reviews: Hope for the Flowers

Sundays are for book reviews!

Hope for the flowers : Trina Paulus Paulus ☆☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I reread this book again this week. Then I went on Amazon and read the reviews that were on there, and then reread the book again.

I can start by saying that was not a long read. The book is simple and straight forward and not exactly like reading war and peace. It is not meant to be that. It is meant to be uplifting.

A few of the reviews I looked at were less than favorable, mostly because the author of the reviews was cynical, or the condition of the book was less than perfect. This is one of my favorite books because it points out a flaw in who we are, the constant push to be number one.

Let me rephrase, that is also a huge selling point for the human race but sometimes we get so lost in the pathway to success we forget to define what success is to us, and to others.

Hope for the flowers follow two caterpillars trying to understand life. As they do they come to pillars where everyone is trying to get to the top. It is a brutal race and no one seems to know what is at the top. The two, Stripe and Yellow, push to the top until one day they have to compete each other. As they do they go back to the bottom of the tower and try to start a new life. Eventually one goes back to fight the tower and succeeds in finding there is nothing at the top. Instead they are inspired and find another way.

This is an easy read and a super lesson. Sure, there are those that will not understand, but the majority should get this. Worth the read for you, and for any age.