The sun sets on another day…]

Sunset was in a split sky today. The clouds surrounded a strip of light and as the colors started to shine another set of clouds forced their way in and brought the night.

I was thinking today about all the things that I have not gotten in my life, and all the things others are still missing. Yes, even at my ripe old age there are things missing. Isn’t it fun.

There is a song that talks about unanswered prayers, and I thought about this song today. The song notes we should be thankful for the things that didn’t happen as perhaps they made us better in life. Perhaps the lack of that special someone, amazing experience, or something else made us a better person. The song is funny as the two people who knew each other in high school had little in common, and happy because the singer had a great wife. It is an interesting series of thoughts.

As I sit here I do not disagree with the song but I would like to add a verse to it to consider.

Sometimes I thank me, for the chances I took
I found a way to challenge the record book
Even though they tried to stop me the heavens I shoooook
Sometimes I think me, for the chances I took

I guess for me it is easy to set aside all the things I missed out on, but I am also thankful for the chances I took and the ability to answer those challenges. The world would be nowhere if we just rolled over when someone said “You can’t do that”. Instead I feel we need to find the way, find the passion, find whatever is necessary to make the impossible real.

So as the sun sets on another day, I love the song, but, in my opinion, thew world is a better place when we “Climb every mountain” and “Ford every stream. Set a trend, scale a mountain, hike something impossible, press the envelope, and make the world yours, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it…