Oh happy day…

The sun sets on another day…

The winds are whipping around the trees, well, until the trees fall. I know sunset is up there, so I will smile anyway.

People are amazing to interact with. Today I was talking to someone about the choices we make daily and they pointed out it is much easier to have a bad day than a good day. Why? Because the bad day is easy for people to relate to, while the good day is different for everyone.

We discussed this for a few minutes until we got to the “why”. Why is it that a bad day is easier to relate to? Why is it that people (as a whole but not all inclusive) will more easily hold on to a bad memory or a negative emotion more fervently that a positive one? With that in mind, why is it that external forces seem to focus on the negative more than the positive.

We considered and decided that perhaps people were more animated with negative emotions than with positive. I read past posts, like this one, and considered new ideas after we hung up on our call. It is a lot to consider.

As I considered this evening I thought about “The Way of the Sword” (I wrote a little about it here) and a portion of the story most people miss. Part of the story revolved around invisible beings that amplified emotions. When the emotions were negative, people went crazy, but as the story progressed the master noted that the entities were more than happy to amplify positive emotions, but rather than take a chance, mankind tried to eliminate them all (Yes, it is science fiction). It is there I found my answer.

We make a choice each day to hold on to the positive or negative, but we have also been conditioned by invisible beings to hold on to the negative. We find that reinforcement of bad works, and is more effective, so we use it, and in the process we end up adding to the negativity more and more until the positives just don’t seem as big.

They are.

A simple moment, a touch, a kiss, a laugh, a good joke, a funny moment, they all give us a sense of what is positive and allow us to reinforce our positive bank each day. Perhaps that is it. Perhaps it is like a bank (Semi stolen from “His Needs, Her Needs”) and as the day progresses we decide what to deposit, good or bad, in our emotion bank. We decide. There is no bias except our own, so as we look in the mirror, we have only ourselves to blame for good, bad, or neutral today, only our mindsets can change and overcome it all. At least that makes sense.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your day. Was it good or bad? Now consider the moments of the day, the minutes, the seconds, all that comprised the day. How much was really bad or good? Is it worth it letting the bad take our day from us? Is it worth it to you? It is not to me. Start banking the good in each day and even though the bad is there, it won’t be the perilous pinnacle it sometimes seems to be. Find your good, make it better, and try to have a great day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love yourself, and love someone else too…