California Sunset

New memories…

The sun sets on another day…

Here it is, sunset, and it was a wild ride. The sky was filled with color and as I drove the horizon was plastered with reds, oranges, and a little more. I was amazed and humbled by the artistry of nature.

IT’s today. There will never be another today, nor another yesterday. There is a glimmer in the sky for tomorrow. We are considering this magnificent sunset, and what has it given us. Let me give you a rundown for me:

  • I woke up. Never set aside the gift of just waking up. Many people did not today and you were given the gift of today.
  • I felt the warm shower on my body. Never set aside the feeling of being refreshed, excited, and amazed.
  • I brushed my teeth. In the morning the tingle is fun, and the rhythm of the toothbrush is a great way to feel.
  • I sang to myself. The Carpenters said it best, “Don’t worry if its not good enough, for anyone else to hear”. I start every day signing songs to myself, usually dozens concurrently so it is a little cluttered, but it is an awesome way to engage your day.
  • I went to work. Well, I went downstairs to my office to work remotely. Still it was fun and a start of a new workday.
  • I met a bunch of great people. Well, it was online at first, but later in the day I met more in person. There is something spectacular about interacting with individuals, friends, family and more.
  • I laughed a lot, smile a lot, frowned a little, and made a difference to at least one person. So many people today want to change the world, but can’t change one person. We can, however, make a difference to one or many, start with one and move up. Today I helped someone with a problem, and they were happy.
  • I had tea. Tea is amazing, I suppose coffee is as well. I had 3 different kinds of tea today and enjoyed them all.
  • I saw sunrise and sunset. True, I wish I had taken a picture, but still, I saw them. Sunrise and sunset start and finish a day, well, open the door to a start and a finish. The colors and feelings always make me feel good about life.
  • I took a nap. Never overlook how great a nap is. I have been monitoring my sleep and a nap goes to deep sleep faster than my books jump into action. (That is fast). If you want to feel refreshed a good 10-15 minute nap will do it!
  • I got to write. and do a lot of other things that sooth my soul. Yeah!

There were these and so much more. Sure, there were a lot of weird things today, but I don’t mind because in the end they don’t matter. Now its time, wash, rinse, do again. Each day I will make my day memorable, if only to me.

So as the sun sets on another day, what’s on your list? What is that amazing thing that could be overlooked that makes you feel good? Find it, and then look for another, and another, and another. It will be worth it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live with an open eye…