Sundays are for book reviews: Week Ending 02-12-2022

A slower week than I have had so far as I write and catch up on a few projects. I am sitting down now and will finish a few books in the next several days.

My reads for the week ending 2-12-2022 are:

Paradoxes by Gareth Southwell – **** Review on Goodreads

The Universe Doesn’t Make Sense: The Absurd Humor of The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn – *****

Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career by Gill Hasson – **** (This was tough and the review is on Goodreads, I would have given lower as I don’t agree but agreement does not decide a books worth) Review on Goodreads

52 books so far this year. 7 in progress right now.

You may wonder about that. I find myself reading multiple books at the same time always and have for a long time. The reason is simple, sometimes I get tied up digesting some of a book and want to think about it and change gears. No, I don’t lose my place, it just allows me to make sure I get the authors point or lets me consider a point of view. Of course this depends on the book. Some I stop as I get a spot I am not as interested, or are too interested. It is a wild ride. Anyway, usually I am 2-3 at a time. Right now I set my reading on Goodreads so I know which I have bought and are queued up and ready. (So a few of mine are not started yet, but will be this week.)