The sun sets on another day…

Perhaps it is only a taunt but today was another slow wet and gloomy day, as we see it. Still, there was a certain positive air in the wind, and perhaps the winds of change are finally here, waiting to bath us in warmth and light.

I was sitting tonight as I was writing again and thinking about all the fun things that we do each day. Yeah, some days are less than pleasant, but some radiate a little more excitement and a lot more fun. If it is less than fun I have a solution. Tonight as I began to write I went to my handy dandy Flavia, hit a few buttons, put some marshmallows in a cup and made cocoa. To be more specific, I made a chocolate latte with cocoa and cocoa making a double cocoa marshmallow mess.

Yes, it was yummy.

More to the point it had the effect of setting a tone for the next several hours as I worked on those terrible things called taxes, and wrote. It culminated in the writing of this fun post, and then going back to the fun of tax induced craziness, then writing again. As I did so, I sipped my cocoa, and there was nothing negative to see, say, or feel, because the day was as good as it would be, and I made it better.

You see, that is a choice. We can let the gloomy gloominess of a day pull the light from us and feel the dark edges of sadness and despair slowly work their way into our very souls, OR, we can pull ourselves up and rise above the feelings that try to break us down, and in the process build a better day, each and every day. It is not always easy, but we have the ability to overcome anything, even the unacceptable.

Guess what, you get to choose.

If you can, choose something positive at least. Make the cocoa, smile when no one else will, feel the sand between your toes, find someone who loves you as much as you love them, and make negatives into faded memories, and positives into a way of a day. It is worth the effort.

So as the sun sets on another day, it has been a few months of difficult moments. Each one has been a challenge. Still, every day I find a way to be the best positive I can be, and every day I will succeed, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and yummy…