The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was going to be striking. Then that dern rainy cloudy stuff rolled in for the night. Ahh well, life is good.

Years ago I put together a printed book by using a brand new state of the art copier with center stapler and all the toys. If was a test for me and this 150 page books was “Slices of a Life”. It contained my poetry and short stories and was a representation of my writing. I am pretty sure I didn’t give it to anyone, but I had a few copies made and read them to myself every once in a while.

Fast forward a lot to today. This morning at 5:38 I finished going through the editors notes and corrections to “Another Slice of Fear”. This will be the second in my Slice of Fear series and one of a series of Slices of X.

Why? I enjoy short stories and poetry as much as I do writing full books and am occasionally contribute to many different anthologies. I have reset my routines and am now back to moving several projects forward in a more methodical manner. “Another Slice of Fear” is just the first. Several novels will be next but along the way I am adding to “A Slice of Fantasy”, “A Slice of Happiness”, “A Slice of Mystery”, “Another Slice of Passion”, and “A Slice of Tomorrow”.

Sound like fun? Watch for “Another Slice of Fear” to kick it all off. Waiting on cover final discussions now. This will be fun!

So as the sun sets on another day, find your passion, make it real, then fight for it daily. We have the power to do anything we put our minds to, within reason. Stretch reason a little and be the best you that you can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and read “A Slice of Fear” (The first one)