The sun sets on another day…

I was watching the news this morning and the weather announcer said that April has been the cloudiest April on records. I believe it, but at the same time I am hopeful for each day where the sun will shine, and we can all enjoy the sunset. It is there even if we cannot see it through the clouds.

Ever think about all the people we interest with daily. There are a lot, even if you are at home working remotely or staying away from people in general. We intersect often, well, unless you are in a cabin in the woods surrounded by mythical creatures. Not likely huh?

Why then do people come and go so often from our lives. Those people who make us laugh, smile, or think for a moment get set aside easily sometimes. It is the people in front of us that get the attention, and we often take a step back and in the process those steps get larger and larger.

I have been lucky in some ways and unlucky in others. I have several friends that I have a deep enough relationship with that if we don’t talk for a while we can pick up where we left off as though no time had passed. I also have many people that have faded, for reasons of their own, or just because, and I think about them from time to time.

Assignment time. Go to your Facebook, your phone, your Instagram, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster, Myspace, paper list, scroll of elders, Snapchat, or any other way that you talk to people. Scroll through your contacts or messages. Find two people that you have not talked to in a while that you think highly of and just say high. Tell them how you feel, thank them for being part of your life. Don’t be fake or disingenuous. Reach out to someone who matters. Whether it is an old friend, a special acquaintance, someone you always loved from afar, a person you admire, a person you believe in, someone you wish you knew more about or just someone you talked to once and enjoyed the time, reach out. Say “Hi”.

Two people. That’s all it takes.

I try to reach out to those people who are important to me, and sometimes I fail. Sometimes I wait for a while, and see if I am important to anyone. Sometimes I just keep meeting people who are fantastic, and there is a wonder in that as well. BE open, live life, and find a good path.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you have a magnificent day and I know that you can if you decide it will be good. Make today yours, then tomorrow, then every day. It is your choice. I think I will have a good day today as well, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and keep on loving…