Walking in between…

The sun sets on another day. ..

Today is a fantastic day in many ways. The sun is shimmering beyond a veil of silver. As it shimmers I smile at the sparkles in the sky. As the sun will set soon I will smile again at the intensity of the day and more.

Sometimes in life we cannot see for any distances. This is both real and metaphorical. We have to open our hearts and minds a little further, and our eyes very wide.

I have found that as we walk in between others we can more easily understand their values, their hearts, and their intentions. Walking too close to one side or another can be difficult, and can create personal bias.

A group on a social media site I sometimes visit is one such that has become so closed in their view that they cannot see beyond themselves. This is easily a danger to us all and we should take the time to see all sides. This does not mean we cannot be passionate about anything, but it does mean that we are not so zealous to attack others for their views.

So as the sun sets on another day, find a way to peace through understanding, and enjoy yourself each day as you move forward. Learn from everyone you can, and never close your mind to possibilities, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be aware…