The sun sets on another day…

I am sure sunset was fantastic. I watched from afar as the colors shattered the sky, and I was at peace for a moment. After all, it is a peace born out of the success of a day.

If you do not know I write books you may be one of the thousand that read a few posts and move on, on 29000sunsets. It is good, I write books, it is fun, I do not do it to get rich or even to make a lot of money, I do it because I enjoy writing and there is always a story to tell(andrewallensmith.com for more info).

That being said I was at an event this weekend that set my mind afire with its unpredictability. It was good, I smiled, I laughed, and as usual I talked. At the core of what I talked about was dealing with day to items, grief, and fear. For many others it was an opportunity to just be someone who wasn’t too pushy and noted that the day was amazing or making small comments to help people along.

As the first day went on the focus was fear. People bought many copies of “A Slice of Fear” and “Another Slice of Fear” and only some copies of other items. A few here and a few there. Still, it was very successful and people were focused.

On Sunday, the second day the crowd was different. The focus shifted to My Action Series, “The Masterson Files” and I had several full sets sell. This made the day seem different. Still we laughed and enjoyed the day, but it was unpredictable how to approach any of it. Of course as always I sent many people to other tables, after all, people should read what they like, and not just what an author thinks they should read.

I guess the thought is, it is hard to know how people approach every day, and as we move along I can say with minimal reservation that things can be awesome always, and each day is an opportunity for a new beginning, and a new series of adventures. Maybe it is the day, maybe it is the people and how they choose the days, but in the end it is hard to know and we just have to roll with it.

So as the sun sets on another day, it has been fun, and life is amazing if you pay attention. No matter what comes at you, roll with it. Find a way where others see little. Change and adapt as necessary, and as you do remember that every day is an opportunity. I did, and because of it I have a super day! Enjoy your time and read some good books too.

Sleep sweet, read books, and read what you like…