The sun sets on another day..

As the sun set across the western sky I was considering a day of multiple directions. I had met hundreds of interesting and articulate people and in the process seeing into their hearts, their dreams, and how they saw the world. It was fitting that sunset was beautiful and cloudy, colorful yet subdued.

I could not easily describe many of the emotions I felt today. There were people who were wonderful and uplifting and people who wanted to suck the life out of everybody. The second woman I saw today reminded me of many years ago when I was selling books in another town. Ingar, the author who is with me, offered a woman a bookmark and she waved him off as though she were queen of the world and he was less than dirt. I immediately said “thank you and have a nice day” to which she turned and glared at me like some awful vision of hate. I simply smiled at her with my own twinkle glaring from my eye and repeated “I hope you have a nice day” and she cringed turned and walked away. You cannot make people have a nice day or a bad day. Instead they choose and it was apparent this woman had chosen a life full of bad days that she wanted to inflict on others. I thought about it later and wondered if some situation was weighing upon her and still could not justify her animosity. I hope she found a nice day somewhere.

Later I met a woman who was experiencing a difficult time. She was with her family for the last year in Manistee. She told me her story where her husband and she had met the children each year at this location and created spectacular memories and wonderful moments. She had lost her husband and it was time for change. I teared up as she told the story realizing that changes difficult but she would find a way. The strength of some people to face impossible circumstance is almost beyond comprehension.

The city of Manistee and the Art Fair there has been a unique positive experience. People were there to learn and understand and realize that art, including writing, is a gift to the world. I was impressed with nearly everyone as we talked about everything and I listened to all they had to say. There can be no better day when you listen to the experiences of others or experience life with others and then find a way to peace and happiness.

So as the sun sets on another day, take your time and listen to people. Don’t let negativity get you down and instead rise above and make every day the magnificent day it deserves to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your family…