Another reality..

The Sun sets on another day..

Sunset was a scattering of colors with people who started out as coworkers and became friends. As the horizon changed through its amazing Hughes I was enjoying the moments all that I could.

Today was a long day and as the end of the day approached I had time sit down and write. I am currently working on Morgan, book two of the Eternal forever, and as I said and wrote I became a part of another life, another world, another reality. People don’t really understand sometimes that when you are writing you are often living those moments and in spite of the world that you existed that world takes shape as well.

The second book in this series is about a very brutal woman who has been alive for over 4,200 years. As I am writing this character is developing herself into a complex series of emotional catastrophes that built a woman who no longer settled for anything. I have introduced new characters who all have a cautious understanding of Morgan and her fairness and fatal eccentricities.

In the words I wrote last night Morgan is testing someone new and has put them in a situation that will physically and emotionally push them to their limits. In this second book I will be exploring the drive and ambition of a woman who has nearly everything and only once more.

I have to know that two of the characters I have introduced, Max and Cole, are particularly fun. As Morgan’s bodyguards they are ruthless and cunning. Max is nearly 7 ft tall and his dark skin and white smile make him stand out in a crowd. Cole appears to have very little problem dealing out punishment from Morgan as necessary. He is also a ruthless right hand at manages many of Morgan’s Estates as necessary. The interactions of these characters took on New Life in the past 2 days and I love where the story is going.

People have asked me before about how the story will end. As is true of all of my writing the stories take shape on their own and the endings become a surprise to me as well as to the reader. I paid attention to it once and realized I knew where the story was going because I wrote the details leading up to it but as I did so the story had a life of its own.

Last year was the first time ever I second guessed myself. I completed a book and then went back and questioned the ending. I won’t do that again as that book still is in a nearly complete stage. My goal will be to take the story where it lie and then begin the edit process with the story as is. It appears that works out much better for me.

I also modified my writing last year based on feedback from some readers. Those who knew my other books did not see the need for sensuality in the first book of the Eternal forever and I toned it down Beverly. There is some sensuality already in Morgan and this time I will likely leave it because it fits in the story.

So as the sun sets on another day, I am of many worlds right now. I will push to make all of them best they can possibly be. Along the way I hope to see new excitement and fun situations that my readers can enjoy. Then maybe it’s time to Market and Market some more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep reading..