Moving waves…

The sun sets on another day..

Ahh, sunset. It was glorious and I watched as light became darkness and a little more.

Sometimes life is a cycle. A neverending series of currents that sweep us back and forth like acorn in a hurricane. It can be hard to see how heavily we are affected unless you are watching closely.

We all have good days and bad and we all find a way through our days. It is up to us to watch the waves and realize that if the days are bad we can choose to take a positive track and they will pass. We can also realize if the days are good that we should take a step back and enjoy them all the more.

My point is that tough times never last and people do. Not necessarily tough people, but people.

People have the ability to be resilient and to recover from just about anything if they believe in themselves and try. Believe in yourself and try as well. We will get through anything and let’s enjoy the good times together and let them roll.

So as the sun sets on another day everything is always in motion. even if it seems like it’s not in motion it probably is. Pay close attention to it all and make the world yours each day as you adapt to what comes to you and a little more. Have faith in yourself, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep on living…