The sun sets on another day…

Sunset, it was cold, and the clouds obscured the light shining in on us all.

I laughed a lot in the snow today as Pepper chased the snow, the leaves, and occasionally the squirrels. As I watched her analyze situations from a dogs point of view I thought for a moment on how the squirrel felt.

Take it a step further. As we go outside the squirrels often are hitting up the feeders for some seed. They are not in it to share, just to eat, eat, and eat. They force the birds away so they can eat more. Here comes this bounding bundle of brisk puppy power rushing across the short distance from the sliding door to the feeder. Oh, my, god. This thing is relentless and follows me them from tree to tree watching as attempts to elude are nearly impossible with the exception of staying in the tree. Then a whistle and the puppy predator is gone. What a rush, or what a hinderance?

For the puppy, it is pure fun. There is a wonderful living toy to chase. For the squirrel, not so much, perhaps they are urgently trying to get food and get fat from my perspective. Neither is wrong, but nether will understand the other.

Your question for the day and one that I ponder often, is there a way from them to ever see the others perspective? Should one or the other be discounted because they cannot be understood? How can we apply this to people? If someone doesn’t see it from our point of view, are they wrong?

Think about it, and at least the squirrels are in shape.

So as the sun sets on another day, perspectives are amazing, and the world is a fantastic place full of wonder with those perspectives. Remember your view may not be the view of everyone, and be accepting. The world will be a better place if you can see past who you are. Be more, see more, and accept everyone for who they are, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and …squirrel…