There you are…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was understated but amazing. Storms rolled in and out all day and the end of the day was a piece of time that seemed to be both in and out of the sunset.

I watched a conversation unfold today about moving away to find like-minded people. It was an exciting conversation and rather rapidly became opinionated. There’s something fantastic about finding a place where you belong; you do have to remember, though that an old movie said it best ” no matter where you go, there you are”.

As I watched advice fly at this young person like gnats on a rotten Peach, I was saddened by the approaches and the rationalizations of people. The young person mentioned was considering a move that could have cost her significant money and had no natural way of guaranteeing a potential outcome. This person spoke about their books as a motivating factor, but in today’s world, our only limitations are those we place on ourselves. When Sputnik was launched and the Space Race began, there were the beginnings of the internet today, but no one could have seen how small it would have made the world. You can be everywhere with minimal effort if only you take the time.

My advice to anyone looking for a new world somewhere else is to make certain that your reasons for going are sound. Not that I’m not for Adventures, as I have been all over the world, but more for making sure that we find our way to what could be home without reservation or prejudice.

And for everyone who has a bias about locations, just remember, if you have a bias about anywhere, then the bias lies with you, not with the place. We are a people who could be of any particular type no matter where we are and often, moving trades one problem for another. It’s just a matter of timing.

Funny though, with the world as it is today, live where you want to, and pick a place you will like to live, the people will connect with you from everywhere. It is just finding those people.

So as the sun sets on another day, find your life, and don’t listen to me, or anyone else if you find what you want to do, just be sure you live every day with all the passion you can, and make the world the best place it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and there you are…

Uncovering fun…

The sun sets on another day…

Sun set was a mixed bag of clouds and breaks after an amazing day with special people. The moments towards sunset were filled with amazement and frolic filled adventure.

Lewis Farms

I had the pleasure of going to Lewis Farms today. I wasn’t expecting very much and was pleasantly surprised with all the possible excitement. If you’re looking for animals, this is a well-maintained place to season. If you’re looking for fun, it is everywhere if you only look.

Next time I come I will have to try the paintball and apple Cannon but for now there is nothing better than walking around with my grandson and family and enjoying the moments because I can.

There’s fun out there everywhere if you look for it. You can actually have fun at home or in Crazy places all around. Take your time find some fun and be that person who is magically involved in every day.

So as the sun sets on another day I hope you find all the fun that I did and enjoy this amazing weekend. After all the world is a more exciting place just because you’re here. Thanks for being you and thank you for seeking fun, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep reaching for excitement…

Take a rest…

The sun sets on another day…

We wandered down to the pier and watched sunset pass. The hills took away the sun earlier but gave an exciting glow into the lake that made me smile.

Today I was walking up and down the driveway with the puppy. After a little while she stopped and that was that. It pretty much looked like a plop down on the ground with a panting puppy closing her eyes to rest in a matter of moments. I was not that hard on her it was just time to take a rest.

Sometimes life can be a little bit rough. We should take a lesson from Pepper and realize that occasionally we just need to take a rest. Not necessarily because we are exhausted, which I found out rapidly she wasn’t today, but more to focus on ourselves just for a moment. In doing so that rest may give us the pause necessary to accomplish something greater. That rest may be exactly what we need to make a better decision.

We need to pay attention to ourselves for a little while. Not for the purpose of becoming self-centered jerks but instead to realize when it’s time to take a rest. Look inside yourself and determine what is best for you and only you, then take a rest if you need it or keep going if you don’t.

So as the sun sets on another day don’t rest for the sake of resting but instead rest when you need it. Find the passion and prowess to move on when you need to or to rest when you don’t. In the end only you know what’s best for you, make that your goal every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy your rest…

Hidden talents…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a myriad of colors and shades. The clouds weaved a masterful tapestry across the horizon while the sunset itself provided colors and creativity.

I smiled and laughed at all the people. People everywhere. I knew some were artists, writers, crafters, technicians, and so much more. Some displayed their talents to the world. Some did not. As I looked out upon the world, I wondered how different it would be if we were all who we really were.

A fun statement, to be sure. Wouldn’t the world be better if we could be who we were? If we could display our talents and abilities without fear or remorse? Some people say that anyone can paint, write, or code, but it is not true. Some people can do it under duress, but watching a good coder build an application is magic. Magic to have a great musician create a piece. There is something special when a person has a passion for art or skill, and that passion makes people succeed.

Believe in yourself and take the initiative to believe in others as well. It is what we need. It is what we must have.

So as the sun sets on another day, people are unique. Everyone has talents and abilities that make them so. Let people be people and find passion every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow what a world…

Positive change…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was, well, wow. The colors painted the clouds, and there was little more than beauty in the air. I watched a young man watch the sunset with patient fascination, and inside I smiled. There is always hope.

I thought about hope a lot yesterday. I talked to a man at the gas station while filling up the truck. He and I laughed for a few as we spoke. He asked why I was in a suit, and I briefly talked about my job. Then he told me he was working a new job, having recently changed positions. His move was caused by his need to be more positive. The negatives of his previous post were overwhelming, and he felt the need to save himself and his marriage.

He then talked about how his life changed when he was removed from the negativity and how the choice was long overdue. He said he had to choose between his job and marriage, and the job just was not worth it. I left thinking about how many people are faced with similar.

How do you weigh the possibilities in life? Is a good job worth a good marriage? Is it a bad job? How do you make decisions? If you are in a bad relationship, is it worth holding on when both the world and you know you should not? How do you see the future, and what the right choices will be?

I wish I had all the answers here. Many years ago, I stood on top of a hill, looked over my life, and decided on a path, only to find that my chosen path was wrong. I had no way of knowing, but I made a choice based on what I knew, and it could have been amazing. I suppose my best answer is that each day we make choices like this, and each day we have to work with what we have, not what was or will be, but what is. For me, then I can only say make the best decision you can, and remember that each day you can see another path.

So as the sun sets on another day, I am happy when I meet amazing people because, well, they’re amazing. I hope you feel the same and find people as a way to see beyond yourself and to new ways of seeing the world. Today I met someone who gave me hope; somewhere in the middle, the world may be a little better place. Keep setting reasonable goals and make the world yours every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and good choice…


The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a time of quiet reflection. The golden sun lit the western sky, and there was a silence in the air as I drove home from a sensational day. It was magnificent.

I have said over, and over that every person has value. Large to small. (Except maybe a few people I used to know, lol) I met two people at an event today that verified the ideas of passion and values.

I sat today listening to people’s passions and often had a tear in my eye. It is rare to find people and companies that align to build something better. It is even rarer to talk to people who feel a passion that aligns not only with a company’s visions but with the possibilities of tomorrow.

Although my interactions were brief, they were meaningful. The person I sat next to was committed to creating a better way, and they were succeeding very well. I watched a fantastic display of care about the community, people, and the progression towards making the world a better place. Still, I listened to the people around me and was genuinely impressed. I also met a person who spoke on stage that was engaged and larger than life (Clearly not as big as me, but he was larger than life). His approach to life was inspiring, and while he was on stage dancing, I laughed as I am usually the only one dancing in the room. The entire set of interactions was inspiring.

It’s not enough that we inspire just a few people. Inspiring leaders and future leaders with a vision that can work is vital. Today I saw that in a presentation that quite simply showed a pathway to a better world, one person at a time. I took it a little further, and the person next to me had that vision firmly in their grasp and could see a brighter future simply because of it.

Be that person. Be the person who has the courage to lead others. Be that person who is humble in leadership from a large company. Be that person who takes the time to see everyone, not just those who are convenient. Be that person who will share a laugh with a stranger who they may someday call a friend.

It’s not enough just to lead. For every leader there is a follower and as a leader you must find people who can widen your vision and give you a broader view of the world. Your followers then help you become a better leader by leading you as well.

I learned that no matter how passionate, smart, articulate, or adored you may be, there is always someone you should look up to. Often I have found that the person I look up to may be someone others don’t see as the unique person they are. Consider for a moment me walking down the streets of Philadelphia as I passed a homeless young woman. I took a moment to talk to her and tried to make her smile. She said she was hungry and had no cash on me, but I told her I would bring her something to eat on the way back. We ate pizza that night, and as I walked back to the hotel, I stopped with the leftovers I had gathered, an entire Pizza and perhaps a little more. I gave it to her along with a drink I had purchased, and she cried. It was then I realized that I was being taught a lesson. I realized that although I had more, I had given her more than I had. Even though I was a leader of visions at the time, she gave me a new vision and led me. Something to think about is that every day we can learn from others, and every day we can lead towards a better vision for tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on a spectacular day with lessons abounding, I can only say thank you to all of you I’ve never known but who have shared a little time with me. For all of you who have written me before and shared your thoughts about 29000sunsets, thanks for giving me pause, hope, and a new way to see the world. I hope and desire that I have lifted your day, if only a little. I hope and wish that you can see the world through my eyes for just a moment and be thankful for every second that you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep learning…


The sun sets on another day…

The day was stormy, loud, and a little destructive as I know many people without power right now. Still, as the sun set tonight the cloud bank was high and open air was below with a clear sky, and clear colors beckoning the darkness forward.

I have said numerous times that we should not whine about the past; it is gone. We also should not pine about the future, for it will never be here. Instead, we should define ourselves each and every day and make ourselves the best self we can be.

So who are you?

How have you defined yourself?

Are you someone who people will follow or someone who looks to be led?

Are you someone who defines a path for all who will seek it or someone who seeks a path that is well traveled?

Think about it, listen to yourself, your answer may surprise you. Sometimes the people who think they are leaders are not. Sometimes the people who are subtle define a path. No, it is not always true, but it is sometimes. Just consider.

What could you do to show the world another way? How could you lead without pushing? Can you define a path for others without spelling it out for them? Another good question.

So as the sun sets on another day, it seems I have a lot of questions today as I watch the split between sun and storm, as I watch the 2 sides fight for dominance. It is never truly in question as storms pass, but even in the midst of a storm the sun sets high above and is always there. I hope you know how important you are, and how everything you do is special if you want it to be. Make the world yours, and enjoy every single day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in you…

Rising above…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was conflicted as clouds rolled in, signaling upcoming storms. As the night progressed, those storms became powerful and noisy, and the world seemed to be a little nicer for a while.

Stop. Look around. Each day there is negativity around us all. It is closing in. There is a dark force in the air. It’s coming. I see the darkness, closer, closer, eeeek! I scared myself.

Seriously though, every day, there is darkness in the world that tries to slow you down. Every day there are plenty of reasons to be negative. It is easier to make a list of them all. From daily pressures to politics, from health to negative people, these things try to keep you from finding a good and super day.

I know this sounds oh so easy and isn’t, but rise above them. How?

Well, for as much as there are unlimited horrible things to consider, there are also a multitude of other things that can lift us up. Find the butterfly that dances with you. Laugh at the antics of children and puppies. Take a moment at a beach and enjoy the crash of the waves. Savor the taste of a favorite food. Laugh with friends and get lost in the moment. All of the positives will allow you to choose and rise above the negatives. In the end, all it takes is for you to choose.

So as the sun sets on another day, my days are good because I rise above all the negative stuff and find a way to enjoy every moment. You have the choice, the tools are there, but it is up to you to rise above or stay in the mire and muck. Personally, I would rather avoid the leeches in the muck and instead make my days unforgettable every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love passionately, and live every moment…


The sun sets on another day..

Sunset was another magnificently mesmerizing masterpiece in the midst of Michigan. Ya, it was good! If you do not get to see it often you should.

I was laughing to myself today as I cleaned up the garden. There were lots of allusions and metaphors flying through my mind as I threw half-eaten tomatoes into the woods to clear the path for new ones. This year has not been as easy for the garden as some exciting animal has found that they love to eat the leaves off all the peppers and eat tomatoes as they ripen. This makes for less than perfect harvests, even though it is still enough.

I was laughing because I have been throwing tomatoes in my woods for a while but have not taken a walk in the woods this year. I wondered how many tomatoes are in the woods right now, born of seeds from tomatoes I have tossed in the past. A garden of excellent vegetables could run around in the woods a few dozen feet from me.

This of course, brought me to how often we throw seeds out and never check on the progress. Many people ask for opinions or seek enlightenment only to have things thrown over a wall with no follow-up. I know I have done it as well. These things can be good or bad, but they are seedlings that will grow in the minds of others and become influences one way or another. We all seem to be influenced by the seedlings of more excellent thoughts, and as we are, we find those basic tenants grow to maturity in our minds later. They take a life of their own and develop the way the new person sees fit. We have no control past dropping the seedling.

I have found that little things I have said over time have been interpreted without context or in a negative fashion. A simple statement about truth has become a complex monster, and it gets back to me as “You know someone told me you said…”.

There is an easy solution. Throw tomatoes, not advice. (I saw this as I offer advice. How Silly, right?) Of course, we have to give our advice but add a little statement about how each person can make their own choice, or be humble and note that something worked for you. Make sure you know how your seedlings will at least start to grow.

So as the sun sets on another day, I should go into the woods tomorrow to see how many wild tomatoes there are. It makes me laugh. Remember, anything you say can become a remarkable statement or a negative burden. Be careful what you say, and make the world a better place by being positive every day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ha ha ha …

Melodic fun…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset sprayed a melodious sky with clefts, notes, and furious fun. The night filled with amazement and left lasting smiles on those that let it.

It was the last night of parties in the park, and we had the opportunity to go and watch a local band play. We got a spectacular treat. We were early enough to see and spend time with the first band, enjoyed them as much as a bad we see as regularly as possible, Flexadecibel. They were proceeded by Aaron Benjamin, whose voice range was beyond belief and who put on a spectacular show.

In the post-Covid time, or perhaps the almost post-Covid time, it is hard to choose things that will be entertaining without being packed into an event like sardines. This event was full of people, but the park was large enough that everyone seemed to spread out and give some space. The people were smiling, the laughter was flowing, and the music was musicing. (New word, note that)

I have always found it easy to get lost in good music, and as I have listened and laughed, I find myself feeling better about a world that is torn in many ways. The event was to raise money for the Disability Network of West Michigan, and I am sure they did well, considering the lines to get food, drinks, and raffle tickets.

Sometimes all it takes is a melody to make you feel a little better. Sometimes it is a child’s laugh, a puppy’s innocence, a butterfly in the wind, or a hummingbird feeding. As we walk through day to day, don’t hide from those beautiful events, but instead embrace them, find them, and be part of the laughter. It is in those moments that we find ourselves. It is in those moments that we find our inner peace.

So as the sun sets on another day, find your way, make life a better place, and as the world offers you music, listen. If you have the ability to make music, play. It is a series of random sounds that will define you well beyond the moment and will help you see past everything to a little bit of magic. Be part of that magic all you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and vampires in Muskegon….