The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a time of quiet reflection. The golden sun lit the western sky, and there was a silence in the air as I drove home from a sensational day. It was magnificent.

I have said over, and over that every person has value. Large to small. (Except maybe a few people I used to know, lol) I met two people at an event today that verified the ideas of passion and values.

I sat today listening to people’s passions and often had a tear in my eye. It is rare to find people and companies that align to build something better. It is even rarer to talk to people who feel a passion that aligns not only with a company’s visions but with the possibilities of tomorrow.

Although my interactions were brief, they were meaningful. The person I sat next to was committed to creating a better way, and they were succeeding very well. I watched a fantastic display of care about the community, people, and the progression towards making the world a better place. Still, I listened to the people around me and was genuinely impressed. I also met a person who spoke on stage that was engaged and larger than life (Clearly not as big as me, but he was larger than life). His approach to life was inspiring, and while he was on stage dancing, I laughed as I am usually the only one dancing in the room. The entire set of interactions was inspiring.

It’s not enough that we inspire just a few people. Inspiring leaders and future leaders with a vision that can work is vital. Today I saw that in a presentation that quite simply showed a pathway to a better world, one person at a time. I took it a little further, and the person next to me had that vision firmly in their grasp and could see a brighter future simply because of it.

Be that person. Be the person who has the courage to lead others. Be that person who is humble in leadership from a large company. Be that person who takes the time to see everyone, not just those who are convenient. Be that person who will share a laugh with a stranger who they may someday call a friend.

It’s not enough just to lead. For every leader there is a follower and as a leader you must find people who can widen your vision and give you a broader view of the world. Your followers then help you become a better leader by leading you as well.

I learned that no matter how passionate, smart, articulate, or adored you may be, there is always someone you should look up to. Often I have found that the person I look up to may be someone others don’t see as the unique person they are. Consider for a moment me walking down the streets of Philadelphia as I passed a homeless young woman. I took a moment to talk to her and tried to make her smile. She said she was hungry and had no cash on me, but I told her I would bring her something to eat on the way back. We ate pizza that night, and as I walked back to the hotel, I stopped with the leftovers I had gathered, an entire Pizza and perhaps a little more. I gave it to her along with a drink I had purchased, and she cried. It was then I realized that I was being taught a lesson. I realized that although I had more, I had given her more than I had. Even though I was a leader of visions at the time, she gave me a new vision and led me. Something to think about is that every day we can learn from others, and every day we can lead towards a better vision for tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on a spectacular day with lessons abounding, I can only say thank you to all of you I’ve never known but who have shared a little time with me. For all of you who have written me before and shared your thoughts about 29000sunsets, thanks for giving me pause, hope, and a new way to see the world. I hope and desire that I have lifted your day, if only a little. I hope and wish that you can see the world through my eyes for just a moment and be thankful for every second that you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep learning…


The sun sets on another day…

The day was stormy, loud, and a little destructive as I know many people without power right now. Still, as the sun set tonight the cloud bank was high and open air was below with a clear sky, and clear colors beckoning the darkness forward.

I have said numerous times that we should not whine about the past; it is gone. We also should not pine about the future, for it will never be here. Instead, we should define ourselves each and every day and make ourselves the best self we can be.

So who are you?

How have you defined yourself?

Are you someone who people will follow or someone who looks to be led?

Are you someone who defines a path for all who will seek it or someone who seeks a path that is well traveled?

Think about it, listen to yourself, your answer may surprise you. Sometimes the people who think they are leaders are not. Sometimes the people who are subtle define a path. No, it is not always true, but it is sometimes. Just consider.

What could you do to show the world another way? How could you lead without pushing? Can you define a path for others without spelling it out for them? Another good question.

So as the sun sets on another day, it seems I have a lot of questions today as I watch the split between sun and storm, as I watch the 2 sides fight for dominance. It is never truly in question as storms pass, but even in the midst of a storm the sun sets high above and is always there. I hope you know how important you are, and how everything you do is special if you want it to be. Make the world yours, and enjoy every single day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in you…

Rising above…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was conflicted as clouds rolled in, signaling upcoming storms. As the night progressed, those storms became powerful and noisy, and the world seemed to be a little nicer for a while.

Stop. Look around. Each day there is negativity around us all. It is closing in. There is a dark force in the air. It’s coming. I see the darkness, closer, closer, eeeek! I scared myself.

Seriously though, every day, there is darkness in the world that tries to slow you down. Every day there are plenty of reasons to be negative. It is easier to make a list of them all. From daily pressures to politics, from health to negative people, these things try to keep you from finding a good and super day.

I know this sounds oh so easy and isn’t, but rise above them. How?

Well, for as much as there are unlimited horrible things to consider, there are also a multitude of other things that can lift us up. Find the butterfly that dances with you. Laugh at the antics of children and puppies. Take a moment at a beach and enjoy the crash of the waves. Savor the taste of a favorite food. Laugh with friends and get lost in the moment. All of the positives will allow you to choose and rise above the negatives. In the end, all it takes is for you to choose.

So as the sun sets on another day, my days are good because I rise above all the negative stuff and find a way to enjoy every moment. You have the choice, the tools are there, but it is up to you to rise above or stay in the mire and muck. Personally, I would rather avoid the leeches in the muck and instead make my days unforgettable every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love passionately, and live every moment…


The sun sets on another day..

Sunset was another magnificently mesmerizing masterpiece in the midst of Michigan. Ya, it was good! If you do not get to see it often you should.

I was laughing to myself today as I cleaned up the garden. There were lots of allusions and metaphors flying through my mind as I threw half-eaten tomatoes into the woods to clear the path for new ones. This year has not been as easy for the garden as some exciting animal has found that they love to eat the leaves off all the peppers and eat tomatoes as they ripen. This makes for less than perfect harvests, even though it is still enough.

I was laughing because I have been throwing tomatoes in my woods for a while but have not taken a walk in the woods this year. I wondered how many tomatoes are in the woods right now, born of seeds from tomatoes I have tossed in the past. A garden of excellent vegetables could run around in the woods a few dozen feet from me.

This of course, brought me to how often we throw seeds out and never check on the progress. Many people ask for opinions or seek enlightenment only to have things thrown over a wall with no follow-up. I know I have done it as well. These things can be good or bad, but they are seedlings that will grow in the minds of others and become influences one way or another. We all seem to be influenced by the seedlings of more excellent thoughts, and as we are, we find those basic tenants grow to maturity in our minds later. They take a life of their own and develop the way the new person sees fit. We have no control past dropping the seedling.

I have found that little things I have said over time have been interpreted without context or in a negative fashion. A simple statement about truth has become a complex monster, and it gets back to me as “You know someone told me you said…”.

There is an easy solution. Throw tomatoes, not advice. (I saw this as I offer advice. How Silly, right?) Of course, we have to give our advice but add a little statement about how each person can make their own choice, or be humble and note that something worked for you. Make sure you know how your seedlings will at least start to grow.

So as the sun sets on another day, I should go into the woods tomorrow to see how many wild tomatoes there are. It makes me laugh. Remember, anything you say can become a remarkable statement or a negative burden. Be careful what you say, and make the world a better place by being positive every day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ha ha ha …

Ever changing…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was interesting. I thought it would break and the colors would flood the sky. Instead, there were moments of brief color while a slowly passing rain left the area. Still, it was pretty and stunning. I watched the shifts and was interested in all the changes.

The world is constantly changing. People are constantly changing. You are continually changing. Hmm, I guess it is safe to say everything is continuously changing. Why is it then we don’t always notice the changes?

Subtle changes are going on constantly, and because of the element of time, we sometimes do not see these changes until we remind ourselves of a past state. I can still see myself as a 1 1/2 year old riding my tricycle if I close my eyes for a moment, yet here I am, a monumentally massive monstrosity that is dozens of times larger and more wizened, worn, and whimsical than that me.

At the same time, we can see other people as the same as when we met them, only to realize they have changed immensely for either the good or bad. It is easy to lose our perspectives when subtle changes are happening all the time. I am reminded of two old songs, and there are hundreds more.

From Dan Fogelberg:
I said the years had been a friend to her
And that her eyes were still as blue
But in those eyes, I wasn’t sure if I
Saw doubt or gratitude

From Garth Brooks:
She wasn’t quite the angel
That I remembered in my dreams
And I could tell that time had changed me
In her eyes too it seemed

Just food for thought in this ever-changing world. Just something to think about as you interact with all those people around you. Watch for the changes, and be happy with them. We all are changing, but it is up to us to see the best in ourselves and if we can, the best in others.

So as the sun sets on another day, see the best you and the best you can see but be aware that changes are going on continually, and if you notice changes that don’t work, say something, do something, and find your way to peace every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and cha cha change…

The best you…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was, well, wow. The sky was filled with color, and the clouds slowly consumed the light as though they were blanketing the world with patient darkness. The intensity was extraordinary, and my picture did not do it justice.

I have been pondering the words of a very wise person on defining the best you. I was told I am the best version of myself when I have a dog by my side, and I had to think about that for a short time. Maybe more than a short time. I also considered all the things that make me perform better and make me better.

The list is long as I have defined a great many things to make me feel optimistic. This was done after I started on the path to overcoming negativity in life. As I found each item that could make me better, I embraced or added it, allowing me to find the best me more easily. As the list grew, I found ways to stay positive. Sometimes even when beaten down, I found that way to smile.

At the core of my list are some simple items: My family, my close friends, my writing, my hobbies, and of course, my puppies. (Well, sometimes not puppies that I do call puppies) There are many more items that branch out and take over, and as I sit here, I think of lots and lots, but the more positives I find, the better I can feel about myself and function as the best of me.

I see the world sometimes and think about how others become their best. The woman who does macro photography as a passion and spreads beauty. The man who has posted a picture daily for almost as long as I have been writing on 29000 sunsets and the smiles he brings. The woman who puts passion into every moment of her life to make others feel better. The man who greets at a local store and treats everyone as though they are unique. Each has things inside that make them better.

What makes you the best you? Is it a person? People? A fun thing? A pet? An item? or is it something else? Consider it, feel deeply, and see how life can carry you forward daily. When we find the things that make us better as a person, we can keep going and making ourselves better each and every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, what makes you better? What is it that others can see? I know I have many, but you should find yours and live them, feel them, and keep pushing forward every day. As you see and are seen, be the best you every day, it is a good feeling being the best you. I hope you succeed and enjoy the moments, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and woof woof woof…


The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular and was an amazing display of colors shattering the sky with beauty. Sometimes it only takes a moment to get los tin the beauty.

I was watching the new puppy chase grasshoppers today. She was not very good at it but she tried a lot. For a few minutes I was lost in the playful moments as she jumped and ran with playful zest. A few minutes later when we came in she ran around and played with the cat. The cat, who thinks she is a dog, was cautious but playful and both were unaware of the world, and challenges, or really anything past the moment.

Ahhh, that is the life huh?

There is an old Star Trek Episode called “Shore Leave” that focuses on the need for play. In the episode the focus was “The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play”. Somewhere in the depth of it all we need to remember that. We need to find that simplicity in ourselves and find the way to play, laugh, and be the wonderful people that we can be. Anything less just doesn’t feel fun.

While you walk into the evening and on to another day, consider for a second with me, Did you have fun today? If not, why not? If so, keep it up! The world has hope because of you.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider well the possibilities of play and fun in your life. If possible find your career that is, well, fun! When work is full of fun and play more gets done, and the excitement is contagious. Fun is a good thing, don’t let anyone ever say different, they are no fun, right? Let’s work together to make the world a little more fun, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and boing boing…

CleAnUp aisle 1…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was wonderful and fantastic as the skies opened wide and shot wave after wave of amazing light across the horizon. As the days slowly wane there is no better time to reflect, no better time to consider a great deal.

If you are new here I write here each day. There was a small break when I switched service providers, but other than that I spend a few minutes each day sharing about insights or experience and the people of the world. With that in mind there are 2459 posts on 29000 sunsets with a big ole giant range of topics. That represents an every day commitment of almost 7 years.

Of that there are also a stack of throwaways. Times where my writing went sideways, negative, or not where I agree with it. There are also strange thoughts and musing from time to time. I am spending some time as I sit tonight deleting many of there while waiting for a phone call to start. Memories followed: a man at a gas pump telling me about his custody battle; the price of passion; melancholy mornings; the pain of love; and a lot about people and their stories that I either respun or decided not to post for one reason or another.

As I cleaned some and kept other I wondered just how many stories make up a man. Then I thought about how many paths a man must travel to find enlightenment. Then I started cleaning up my cluttered head.

Sometimes we just need to declutter our minds just like decluttering the draft items that we think about. We can’t take on the whole world, we just need to take on our little part of it. Along the way it is ok to consider the past and all the unused items we have floating around, we just have to stop whining about it. Instead we need to define ourselves each day with the best version of us ever, including all those unused things we have floating around. Its all good, we can do it. I know we can.

So as the sun sets on another day, each day is an adventure, but let’s concentrate on the good ones! Let’s make our adventures amazing and fantastic, and along the way lets find our paths, our promises, and our positivity, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and 42…

Through the weeds…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was amazing as deep clouds clashed with fiery moments. It gave the sky a pink hue as the clouds seemed to jitter with excitement and color.

Last night I was talking to someone as I waited for an order. They were young and I asked how they were doing. The were happy but proceeded to tell me how they would rather not be there and that there were far better things to do. They then began to tell me about how they were there for money, but had money but wanted more money. When asked how much money the answer was just more.

I know perhaps “more” is not a good answer. Perhaps we need to look at a bigger picture and realize if we are not happy, more is never a good answer. Maybe, just maybe, we should consider the world as an amazing place that is full of light and life, and enjoy the ride for a moment. Just a thought.

So as the sun sets on another day, I think I want more: life. Now I just need to define what life is. How about you? What more can you have that will make you happy? Find your way, make a path, and as you do make sure happiness come with it each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and have some more…


The sun sets on another day…

SunsetWas cloudy and interesting. The skies have been angry, but the day was partially clear and allowed for the featured picture.

I sat thinking as I watched the sailboats in the wind. Somewhere in the midst of the day there is a promise. A promise for the day itself and a series of promises that are inherent in that day. The wind whipped up and boats slipped past and I smiled for a moment.

For the day itself the promise is always that the day is there and that if we try we can get through another day with positive and amazing outcomes just by showing up. Showing up is a big thing though huh?

Make a promise to yourself today if you can. Promise yourself that you will show up. Show up to read more, show up to write, show up to work, show up to learn to sail, show up to do anything necessary to make you better. You have the power to make your world a better world just by showing up.

So as the sun sets on another day, I show up, I write, and I push each day to make every day amazing for myself and anyone I run into. I hope your day was complete and amazing, Make tomorrow a good one as well, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live…