In our child’s eyes

The sun sets on another day.

You have to often wonder when the sun sets if it grasps those last few moments of light and holds on to every moment until night embraces us all, and we are in darkness. Do you think the sun holds on, or does the sun know that with the darkness, that there is always a promise of a new day?

So it is (in my opinion) with our children. Do we grasp so hard at their innocence, that we miss the promise of a new day, and disallow them to learn the easy, and the difficult? In this new age of helicopter parents (That one make me laugh) and overprotective people, have we forgotten that with the sunset, there can be a new day?  Can we learn from our child’s innocent eye?

All we have is hope, and faith, two things that cannot be proven to mean much of anything. Hope, the only thing remaining in Pandora’s box, allows us to see the best in people, even when we are seeing only the worst they have to offer, while faith gives us belief in something we cannot prove. They are separate but the same and trust that people do what is right.

Me I will try to trust, and know that in my heart, the sun will rise again, not because it wants to, but because it must. If I am left in that darkness that may never end, at least I had a good sunset.

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