Where has the sun gone?

It is always interesting when day after day we end up with gloom and doom. there is an old movie called “The Crow” where one of the key quotes is “it can’t rain all the time” even though the movie is mostly dark, rainy and more than a little depressing. The end, however, brings us to a point where we find that love does conquer all and that a passion for the right thing, even in the face of wrong can give us solace. 

It is always funny how things like that make us think about ourselves (Unless we are shallow) and consider what is our long term strategy, short term strategy, and how do we get the most out of our 29000 sunsets?

I would like to believe that when we stand before the creator he looks at each of us that he looks as those we helped, those we loved, and how we reacted to those in need as well as all other things we do so I suggest strongly that you help people see how wonderful their sunrises and sunsets can be, and help them through the gloomy parts but sharing your positive nature with them. (Matt. 25 31-46 would be good to read)

After all, another sunset will come, but shouldn’t we live like we see that sunset far above the clouds when the greyness descends and chills our souls? Should not we rise above the people in our lives that take and take and treat us without respect and find a way to be happy as well? In the end how we live our lives will tell who we are, and if we set aside the sun, or love, or honor we have missed the point of it all. 

Do right every day, by others, and of course by yourself. Rise above the gloom and make every day as your last.

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