Courage and Honor…

The sun sets on another day…

It continues to rise and set each day, in spite of the chaos that sometimes looms below. We see the sunrise and have hope, and as the sun sets, we have hope as well, each for different reasons, knowing that we have started a new day, and knowing there is a promise of another new day.

Today is difficult for many of, those that feel honor for the United States will have a difficult time today as they mourn one of the most devastating events of our relatively short history. The demise of the World Trade Centers. I try to take the high road each and every day, even though many less positive roads exist, and in this day of sorrow the highest road we can possibly take is to honor the fallen, and to honor those that risked or who gave their lives to save others, and those that went forward in spite of chaos and took the highest road possible. By definition honor is synonymous with the high regard of someone or something and today we should honor those that had the courage to go that extra mile, and even more. We should honor those that had the fortitude to define the word “hero” for generations to come. Courage is tough to come by for many people, it is always easier to succumb to fear and take the easy path, but for the police and firefighters in New York, for the passengers of the planes, the passengers of United 93, and all the victims of 9-11, courage is something that they each┬ádefined in their own way. The stories are amazing and as I watched 15 years ago I sat in awe, as only a few months previous I was on the top of the towers, and as I watched them fall and considered the gravity of this act I knew the world would never be the same.

So as the sun sets on another day, please grant me pause as this is not the most uplifting post, but it is heartfelt. More important than me, please grant a moment of patient silence for all the fallen of 9-11, and all those who fought for our freedom since, and believe in Honor and Courage, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, and appreciate life, every moment of every day.

Photo from the top of the World Trade Center at Windows over the World, taken May 2001 while at a conference.

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